Search Engine Optimisation

Real search is about providing valuable information when it’s really needed to those who are actually looking for it.

First place is everything!

Time spent building a solid foundation will pay for itself ten-fold.

If you are interested in succeeding online, an organic search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is essential. It remains the most important component of any business’ branding efforts and online presence.

With the best will in the world (and the best website for that matter) if you fall outside of the first few Google results, your website will not be seen. It is our job to put your website in front of potential patients who are actively searching for dental services in your area.

When it comes to SEO, there is no quick win. Building a healthy content profile – spread out over months and years – is the very best way to maintain a high-performing, sustainable search engine presence.

Working exclusively with the dental profession is especially valuable when it comes to SEO. Unlike other SEO companies, we have years of historical data to base our ever-evolving techniques upon, delivering many hundreds of first place rankings to our customers.

Knowing the click through rates for ‘tooth whitening’ compared with ‘teeth whitening’ may seem insignificant but in SEO terms, it is our industry specific knowledge that will drive extra traffic to your website and ultimately, generate more new patients to your practice.

At Dental Design, our SEO specialists are all Google accredited with more than 20 years dental marketing expertise between them.

Benefits of SEO;

  • Increased traffic

    SEO is the art of optimising a website to rank higher in the search engines for it targeted keywords. Higher rankings mean increased visibility and traffic. Increased traffic will convert into more new patients for your Practice.

  • Return on investment

    SEO is the corner stone of your online marketing, 60% of internet users only click on the natural listings and 75% don’t venture past the 1st page in the search results so it is vital to have high visibility. Traffic from SEO is essentially free (you don’t pay more if your website receives increased traffic) so it offers the highest ROI compared to other online marketing channels.

  • Measurable

    SEO is highly measurable, Google Analytics provides key online performance metrics such as visitor numbers, top landings pages, mobile traffic information and bounce rate. Call and email tracking can also be setup so that you can exactly measure your online performance, and whether SEO is generating ROI on your marketing spend.

Be seen on Google


Google has an 80% market share in the UK


59% of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, local business


The 1st page of Google’s search results received 92% of traffic


The top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33% of the traffic

Our SEO Packages

Your website needs traffic!

Search Engine Optimisation is an online marketing method of increasing your website’s visibility for your chosen keywords and driving traffic to your site. Having a website is only of use if you receive traffic on a consistent basis.

If your practice name doesn’t appear in the search index, then think of how much traffic and potential custom that you’re missing out on from the internet. Why not let your website work hard for you by driving its own traffic from search engines with Internet marketing?

What we can offer

Does your practice appear in search engines when you search for particular treatments in your town? Does your website even appear if you type in your practice name? Thanks to our industry knowledge of search engine optimisation, 95% of clients enjoy first place rankings on the major search engine for one more key search terms. On average, clients receive between 5-10 patient contacts per month and in excess of 2500 page views – this could not be achieved without appearing prominently on the key search engines. What’s more, our traffic is directly from the FREE “Organic” listings in Search Engines.

Why use dental design?

Running an effective search engine optimisation campaign for a website is extremely time consuming and it requires specialist knowledge of the ever changing ranking factors that the major search engines use in order for a website to display in the search results. Dental Design has more than twelve years of SEO and Dental Marketing experience focusing and catering specifically for Dental Practices – we have the expertise and the required knowledge to run the SEO campaign for your website and get it ranking highly.

This is the ideal package for full website optimization, link building and web marketing.

Our premier SEO service includes the most effective methods of optimizing your Dental Practice’s website, including on page optimization, paid and free directory submission, Social media signals, article submission and promotion, local optimization and targeted incoming link campaigns to improve your site’s ranking for your selected keywords.

As part of the Premier SEO package – your site will also have a premium advertising banner on the Dentist Finder directory which will drive additional traffic to your site as well as being a beneficial SEO link. The Dentist Finder admin area also has the ability to send out review requests which is an important factor in local ranking optimization.

We would recommend our Premier SEO package to any Dental Practice who is serious about gaining new patients by enquiries generated from their website. Highly competitive locations such as London and Manchester would also benefit from Premier optimization in order to maximise your prescence on the search engines.

For a more detailed breakdown on the SEO services we offer at Dental Design, please click here.

Our Classic + package is a pro-active management package suitable for Dental Practices wishing to drive more traffic to their websites and to get more patient enquiries but don’t necessarily have the advertising budget for our Premier Package.

On the classic + package, your site will benefit from on-page keyword optimization, free directory submission, local optimization on Google Places and an ongoing incoming link campaign to maintain competitive rankings for your selected keywords.

As part of the Classic + SEO package, you will be able to claim your Dentist Finder business listing for free which will drive additional traffic to your website as well as the ability to send out review requests which is an important factor in local ranking optimization.

We would recommend our Classic + package to any practice who want to market to the increasing number of people who search for dental services online.

For a more detailed breakdown on the SEO services we offer at Dental Design, please click here.

This is our entry level search engine optimization package – great for Dental Practices who want a presence on the web but have a small marketing budget, or practices who have achieved the search engine rankings they desire.

This package is often used as a stepping stone to our Classic + and Premier search engine optimization services. On the classic package your site will be submitted to the major search engines and optimized on-page in order to rank for your selected keywords.

For a more detailed breakdown on the SEO services we offer at Dental Design, please click here.

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Google Places

Local search

One out of every 5 searches on Google is related to location, so it is extremely important for your practice’s website to be optimised with a ‘geo qualifier’ or location keyword. The ‘geo qualifier keyword’ will drive the majority of traffic to your website.

google-search-smallWhen a potential customer types in a query such as ‘Dentist’ and a location keyword such as ‘Poole’, the top results display an integrated natural and local search listing. Without an optimised google places listing it is extremely hard to rank well for local search.

Dental Design can work on your google places listing to optimise it and therefore boost your practice’s online presence, drive traffic to your website and increase appointment bookings. Whilst it is not possible to guarantee results on google, if your google places listing is not optimised, it is unlikely to perform as well as it could. And therefore you will not obtain the patients you deserve.

What is google places?

As you can see in the image above, Google Places is a directory which lists your Dental Practices name, address, contact details, a positional marker on the map and a link to your website. Google Places also has to option to add pictures, videos and customer reviews. This information will appear above the organic listings when a location based keyword is searched and increase customer visits to your website.

Google Places also offers the ability for business owners to post real-time updates to their Place Page. You might want to advertise a teeth whitening or dental implant promotion that you want customers to know right now and this feature lets you communicate that directly to your customers.

To keep track of how your business listing is performing, Google includes a personalised dashboard within Google Places that shows data about how many times people have found your business on Google, what keywords they used to find it and even what areas people have travelled from to visit your business. With the dashboard, you can see how your use of any of these new features affects interest in your business and make more informed decisions about how to be found on Google and interact with your customers.

Dental Design are pleased to offer a Google Places optimisation and management service to our Premier and Classic Plus clients – we will register, setup and list your practice details on the Google Places Directory and optimise the listing with geo-qualifier and services keywords in order to gain high rankings.