Dental Design’s Annual Survey

30th September 2015 | Carrie Dyer | marketing

We are currently asking our clients on one of our SEO packages to kindly leave some feedback in the form of a 6-question survey. Please do look out for this link and the request from your account manager. It’s much…

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Google issues spammer warning

25th September 2015 | Marcus Amberton | marketing

Google doesn’t reveal too much about how its algorithm works but within the Webmaster Guidelines that the company has issued, but two statements do stand out – “make pages primarily for users, not for search engines” and “avoid tricks intended…

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What Does a Dislike Button mean for Brands

23rd September 2015 | Carrie Dyer | marketing, Social Media, technology

Courtesy of Patricio Robles at EConsultancy, read on below for an insight into the dislike button and what it could do for a brand. The news last week has brought up some interesting discusion in the offices here at Dental Design, and…

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How Long Does It Take for Social Media to Start Paying Off?

22nd September 2015 | Faye Harris | Blog

You’ve got your Twitter account going and you’ve made a few good jokes. You’ve garnered a few followers on Facebook. Every day, you put a little time into your social channels. How long until you start seeing some actual sales…

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The Future of Linkbuilding

22nd September 2015 | Lucy Mander | Blog

Link building is absolutely imperative for successful SEO. Building the types of links that help grow your practice online and organic search traffic in general is getting alot harder. It used to be fairly straightforward, back before Google worked out how…

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The Big Skill Share Appeal

17th September 2015 | Lucy Mander | Blog

Yesterday Bridge 2 Aid launched their Big Skill Share Appeal.  It’s the next milestone in their work to provide access to safe emergency dental care to over 4 million people in Tanzania. They have managed to do this with volunteers from…

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Facebook To Add A Dislike Button

16th September 2015 | Faye Harris | Blog

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has announced that the social network is adding a “dislike” button. A “dislike” button has been constantly requested by some users since the introduction of the now-iconic “like” button in 2009. In a Q+A session held…

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A quide to Quality Score

16th September 2015 | Carrie Dyer | marketing, pay per click

My last blog was about Quality Content as defined by Google, and in danger of running with a theme, this week’s blog tackles Googles ‘Quality Score’. This term references the score your Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaign can obtain in order…

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Facebook Posting Tips

11th September 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Is your practice active on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook posting strategy? Is it working well for you? In this blog I am going to list a few tips that might help your Facebook posts become more effective:  …

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Google’s new domain name – what does it mean for your Dental Practice?

11th September 2015 | Marcus Amberton | internet, marketing

Why did Google choose the ABC.XYZ domain name for its new holding company? It has certainly has caused debate in the SEO industry, many speculating what this may mean for domain names, extensions and rankings moving forward. If you go to…

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