Can I park here?

27th January 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Marketing

As reported by, Google has recently announced that the new version of the Google Maps Android app will now tell you how difficult it is to find parking at your destination. This is based on predictive data, similar to how…

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SEO priorities for 2017

27th January 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Blog, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

After seeing the back of 2016 and entering the New Year, there is no better time to step back and evaluate your SEO campaigns. Here at Dental Design, as part of our online marketing packages, we’ll be having a look for…

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Social Media Stats To Take Notice of

27th January 2017 | Leigh Brown | Blog

A social media strategy is important for businesses big and small, and avoiding it all together will mean you are losing out on valuable prospects and traffic. If the above cannot persuade you into using social media for your practice…

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Google +: The Lowdown

27th January 2017 | Lucy Mander | Social Media

Google + is more about data than the social aspect. It allows you to expand your businesses web presence by sharing and building a following as people discover, +1 and re-share your posts with others. Why? Great SEO benefits because…

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Moz Local

20th January 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Search Engine Optimisation

There are a few things us SEO professionals keep up our sleeves.. like the very handy tools provided by hard working SEO contemporaries that help make our job more accurate. With these tools we’re able to more easily identify any…

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Top Key Performance Indicators to Monitor

20th January 2017 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

In marketing, key performance indicators (KPIs) are metrics used to evaluate the performance of your marketing activity. They can help give you insight into what is, and isn’t, working and can help you make improvements to your marketing strategy. While…

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YouTube: The Lowdown

18th January 2017 | Lucy Mander | Social Media

YouTube is the 3rd largest platform globally and allows billions of people to discover, watch and share original videos. YouTube also allows you to upload videos onto your website and embed them using a YouTube widget. Why? Hugely increases customer…

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How do people find your Dental Practice?

16th January 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet, Marketing

Traditionally people would rely on the Yellow pages or word of mouth to research for local businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers and dental practices. The advent of the internet has certainly changed people’s habits as a study by The PEW…

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Boost your SEO in 2017!

10th January 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Search Engine Optimisation

It’s that time of year for a bit of self-evaluation, a smidgen of reflection followed by large positive steps forward! Isn’t it? If New Year’s resolutions are not really your thing personally, they should be professionally. And they certainly should be…

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