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29th March 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Blog, Marketing

If you’re a regular follower of our blogs here at Dental Design, you’ll have picked up on (amongst some other dental marketing gems), the very strong message of just how important it is to get your patients to leave you…

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Facebook Advertising: The Lowdown

28th March 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing, Social Media

Implementing Facebook advertising is one sure-fire technique for reaching potential patients, increasing likes and driving website clicks. Why? Using Facebook advertising to increase your “Likes” can be very beneficial – once a patient likes your page, they essentially become followers…

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Search Engine Statistics

24th March 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet, Search Engine Optimisation

What do you say when you search for something online? You ‘google it’. Most Dentists know that it is more important to rank well for Google rather than Yahoo or Bing but how much market share does Google actually command…

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The Benefits of Remarketing

23rd March 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing, Pay Per Click

What is remarketing? Remarketing is a marketing technique that allows you to target users who have previously visited your website with banner ads. You use marketing to bring a visitor to your website, and if they don’t make a purchase, you…

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Diluted Exact Match Keywords

23rd March 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Pay Per Click

In the world of “fake news”, it seems at first glance, as though Googles latest Adwords update leans toward the obscure, and possibly the misinterpretation of meaning. The update is to the way Google Adwords delivers results for “exact” match keywords. There have always…

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Getting those important Reviews

17th March 2017 | Harry Longmuir | Blog

Reviews are the key to effective local search optimisation Most dentists know that a happy patient tells others about their experience. The same is true of optimisation your local listing in Google. Positive online reviews not only assist with conversion of…

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Facebook Reactions

17th March 2017 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Facebook – the largest social network in the world – has been known to regularly update its news feed algorithm. Often these changes make it more difficult for businesses to reach people organically in their news feeds. It is well…

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Why do I need a specific landing page design?

17th March 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Blog, Pay Per Click

The SEO /PPC team have just undertaken their Google Adwords exams, myself included. Now that we’ve all passed and there are smug smiles all-around, I thought I’d share some insight following my re-cap of studies for the Google Adwords Fundamental…

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Marketing Statistics 2017

16th March 2017 | Lucy Mander | Blog, Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation 66% marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top marketing priority of 2017! 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers are already using voice search daily, and the figures are set to rise…

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10 Reasons PPC is a must!

10 Reasons PPC is a must!

10th March 2017 | Harry Longmuir | Blog

Recently we have undertook our Google Ad-Words exams. We’d like to share with you the importance of Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns and how it can help your business get the ROI you hope to get. 1. Paid search can double…

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