The rise of video marketing

30th May 2017 | Lucy Mander | Creative Design, Marketing

The use of video in digital marketing has seen a dramatic rise over the past year. Trends have shown more and more Companies switching to video content every year in an effort to stay relevant among their competition. Social media platforms…

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Lets talk %’s

26th May 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog, Marketing

Did you know the first spot of Google receives 33% of search traffic? This 33% consists of the 90% of the total clicks that are on the first page. (Usually, less than 10% of searchers go past page 1). The…

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Important PPC metrics for your Dental Campaign

26th May 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Marketing, Pay Per Click

PPC, in our view, is one of the most importance channels that can drive traffic to your Dental Practice’s website. Your ads are immediate visible and ,unlike SEO, you can target multiple locations (especially useful for clinics in London). It…

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The strongest words in Marketing

24th May 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Certain words and phrases are time-tested to boost response and conversion rates almost across the board. Different motivating words and phrases work better in different situations, and it’s up to you to figure out which work best for your practice….

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Why am I asked to blog every week?

22nd May 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

There is no single answer to answer that question. The straightest answer could be “because it’s my job”; but Dental Design doesn’t do things for the sake of doing things. We like to have a reason behind our motions. We blog…

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What is an FAQ page and how can it help your online marketing?

19th May 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

An FAQ page, typically for treatments, provides answers to common queries that are asked repeatedly, or questions that your patient might find embarrassing to ask. By providing them in one place you don’t have to answer them multiple times, and the…

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Google’s Advancements in Technology

19th May 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Google are making quite big advancements, one of which you’ll be able to view businesses from street level and pull the business listing via your camera, potentially making Google reviews even more accessible! So what was announced at Google’s annual developer…

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Increase in first page HTTPS results

18th May 2017 | Leigh Brown | Technology

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is the secure version of HTTP, the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website you are connected to. Most websites are still operating on HTTP, but over the last…

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Building your personal brand

Building your personal brand

12th May 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

…A strong brand builds trust! Your personal brand is how you appear to everyone. Today, building your personal brand is just as important as building your company’s brand – in fact, it might even be more important. Consumers want to hear…

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