What are call to actions?

30th November 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Call to actions are buttons that prompt your patients to take a specific action. This could mean learning more about your products and services, downloading a practice newsletter or taking you up on monthly special offer. When creating call to actions,…

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Together, we can do something amazing!

30th November 2017 | Mark Newbury | Blog

Chloe’s Story: Before twins Chloe and Eloise were born, they shared the same birth sac and both nearly died. They survived the birth, but Chloe suffered extensive brain damage and physical disabilities. The brain damage she suffered means Chloe is…

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Importance of UX

24th November 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog

UX stands for User Experience, it doesn’t just have to apply to digital experiences (although, as a digital marketing agency, that’s what we focus on), it can also apply to products. As an agency when we refer to user experience,…

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Succeed with Social Media Marketing

24th November 2017 | Lucy Mander | Social Media

Social Media is a vital part of a business’s marketing strategy and overall success. With an established social presence a business has the ability to instantly reach out to their targeted audience and share valuable content, photos, videos, and products…

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Are you ready for Christmas?

24th November 2017 | Rosie Littlejohns | Blog

Christmas is just over a month away…  Time flies this time of the year! Before you know it will be Christmas Eve and we’ll be munching mince pies and relaxing (maybe) with our loved ones. With all the festivity in…

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The danger of broken links and redirects

23rd November 2017 | Leigh Brown | Search Engine Optimisation

Broken links and redirects can be harmful to your website’s SEO. As you may know the number of quality links pointing back to your dental website affects your website’s rankings and traffic, and that obtaining these links in the first…

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Where is best to host your video content?

17th November 2017 | Leigh Brown | Technology

One-third of online activity is spent watching video with users consuming more than 500 million hours of video content on YouTube each day. And, with the average user spending 88% more time on a website with video (WordStream) you should…

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Google Analytics Tips and Tricks

15th November 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Google Analytics provides actionable data that can be used to increase traffic and improve conversion rates. Outline what you want to achieve Know what you want to track and improve regarding your online presence and set specific goals for those…

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What is Link Building? How Does It Work?

13th November 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog

What is link building? When Google first started their algorithm was much more simple than it is nowadays. Google would look at all of the websites on the web, look at the words on there, and base their decision based…

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User Experience and SEO

10th November 2017 | Rosie Littlejohns | Blog

Place the user at the heart of your website for SEO success! Behind the scenes, Google is analysing every search term from every user to understand the need they are trying to fulfill through that search query. It will then…

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