Online Marketing Statistics 2018

29th March 2018 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

Nowadays if you want to do research, find a local business or catch up on the latest news, most people turn to the Internet and search engines to find the answer. However, there is limited space to promote your business…

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Re-branding checklist

23rd March 2018 | Leigh Brown | Search Engine Optimisation

Many dental practices undergo a re-brand from time to time to give their dental practice a new identity and image. However, if your re-brand involves changing the name of your practice then below are a few things you will want…

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How to build an engaged email list

23rd March 2018 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Email marketing gives you the capacity to deliver your messaging straight to the inboxes of your potential patients. Email marketing only works however if subscribers want to receive emails from your practice. Reaching the right audience with the right message…

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Are Alt Attributes Important?

19th March 2018 | Harry Hawkins | Blog

What are alt attributes? Alt attributes are pieces of text attached to images used as descriptive information about what the image is showing. In most cases, you will not see these attributes. These attributes were originally used so that if…

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Things to consider about using images in your content

16th March 2018 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

Images are not given enough thought when it comes to content creation. Most of the emphasis in content marketing is on crafting the perfect text; whilst this is very important for a number of reasons, selecting the right images to…

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Google Questions and Answers: What you need to know

13th March 2018 | Rosie Littlejohns | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation

In August 2017, Google launched the ‘Questions and Answers’ feature on Google Business Listings. This new feature allows members of the public to post questions directly onto your listing, and either the business owner or other members of the public…

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How to market your Dental Practice online

13th March 2018 | Lucy Mander | Blog

Having a professional online presence is crucial for any business today. By marketing your dental practice well, you will be able to attract high-quality, reliable patients. Add Google Analytics to your website Optimize the metadata on your website Update your…

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Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

9th March 2018 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

Every few years your website may need a necessary overhaul to refresh its look to keep your practice enticing for patients. However, redesign projects are a lot more complicated than simply changing the look of the website; if your site…

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What to expect in content marketing this year

6th March 2018 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Social Media Sharing content on social media is already popular, but 2018 will see more content being published on social platforms. Patients are already on social media so publishing content on these platforms makes it easier to reach out to…

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What’s an SSL Certificate and why should you have one?

1st March 2018 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

On February 8th 2018 Google announced that, beginning in July of this year, Chrome will now be marking all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’, moving in line with Firefox, who implemented this at the beginning of 2017. This now means…

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