6 Tips For Successful Pay Per Click Landing Pages

5th July 2018 | | Blog, Pay Per Click

Landing pages are an incredibly important part of your paid advertising on Google. The landing page experience affects your Ad Rank which in turn impacts your cost per click and position. Perhaps most importantly, landing pages directly influence conversions. They provide an opportunity for an extremely targeted webpage that immediately answers a searchers query, therefore increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Here are 6 tips to ensure your landing pages are successful:

1. Ensure your page is relevant

Website visitors judge a page’s relevance extremely quickly. Users that click on an advert have a clear goal in mind, and if your page doesn’t meet that goal, you are likely to lose the traffic and potential patient. Make sure that the relevance is indicated immediately with clear titles, headings and relevant imagery.

2. How many landing pages?

Create as many landing pages as you need. Ideally, each aspect you are promoting should have a separate landing page. This gives the opportunity to provide highly targeted pages that answer a user’s needs. For example, creating separate landing pages for all the cosmetic treatments you are promoting, rather than one ‘cosmetic dentistry’ landing page will be more successful.

3. Do not include navigation

Remove any navigation menus or buttons that could take your visitors away from the landing page to other sections of your site. You want to keep your audience engaged with the content and offer on the page, rather than distract them with the rest of your website.

4. Think about your CTA buttons

The call to action (CTA) on your submit buttons are a vital part of your landing page. You need to present clear instructions and give a good reason to click on the button to submit their information. Avoid vague terms such as ‘submit’ and instead use something like ‘Book your appointment’ or ‘contact the practice’.

5. Increase reliability and trust

Web users are increasingly reluctant to share their personal details online. Including a link to your privacy policy, logos and badges relating to official bodies you are a member of, certifications and testimonials will help ease any anxiety and encourage conversions.

6. Page load speed

Make sure your landing pages load quickly. This is important for your Quality Score, which can affect your cost per click and position within the results. Slow pages can also negatively impact your conversion numbers, as even a 1-second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

If you want to design an effective landing page for your pay per click marketing, contact us on 01202 677 277 and we’ll be happy to help.

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