7 Epic Winning Formulas to Grow Your Twitter

5th December 2018 | | Social Media

Want to know a cool statistic? The average daily time spent on social media is 116 minutes a day. It’s not surprising! We wake up to social media, we tweet our lives on the go and we capture everything on a daily basis. This is why making sure you have a known social presence is absolutely paramount in today’s generation. Twitter is the ultimate platform for engagement and I am going to share with you 7 winning formulas that will boost your Twitter presence tremendously.

Find your management tool!

The first step is the most important and you will need to do this in order to utilise the majority of the following tips. What you need to do is find your social management tool! This is going to be your best friend and the hub for all your growth happenings. So, what is the best tool for you to use? Good question! However, there are dozens of social management tools out there and pretty much every single platform offers a free trial. So try a dozen of them and see which one you feel most comfortable with. I am going to list a couple of the management tools I have used in my experience which have helped my growth massively:

  1. ManageFlitter
  2. Jooicer

Scheduling calendar

The most important tool a Twitter management platform will have to offer is a content calendar which allows you to schedule as many posts as you want… when you want! According to a study on ‘Co-schedule’, it is recommended to post 15 times a day on Twitter for maximum engagement opportunities. Now I know what you’re thinking! “How can I think of 15 things to post every day?!” the truth is, it’s easy… you just have to think about it. Let’s say you are an e-Commerce company selling a range of products. I’m sure you could find at least 10 products you could promote on a daily basis, you could then use the remaining 5 in a number of ways such as conversation, maybe you could do a morning/lunch/evening tweet every day… that’s another 3! Be creative!

There are also other ways you can get inspiration for post ideas which I will touch on later so keep your eyes peeled! A lot of these calendars will also include a ‘Recycling’ tool, which will monitor your best performing tweets and re-post them on days that suit you. Perfect for when your creative juices are lacking

Audience specific following

Great, so now you have got your daily posting sorted! Of course, over time you will gain followers through your content but you want followers NOW! So how do you get them?

What you want to do is research your competitors on Twitter, who is your local competitor? Once you have found the most relevant competitor, what you want to do is begin following a mass number of their followers. On most management tools there will be a ‘copy followers’ option. This will begin following their most recent followers. (Within Twitters daily limit).

Why is this so effective? Because the most recent followers are likely to be active whilst you follow them which will increase the likely hood of them following you back, and as they’re a follower of your competitor… they will likely be interested in your Twitter account so this will increase the chances of converting them into a follower even more!

Analyse your audience

Your twitter account is really starting to take shape now, but how can you use analytics to capitalise in areas you had no idea about? Twitter analytics to put it simply. The analytics dashboard on Twitter is a tool we all have access to free of charge! But it provides so much juicy information that we can use to our advantage! What type of information can we gather to help us grow? Here are just a couple things.

Find out where the majority of your Audience is from! Finding out this simple piece of information can improve the engagement of your posts as you can then research the best times to tweet for that specific time zone!

Find out which of your content gets the best engagement! Does your audience engage better when you post basic tweets/images/GIFs/blogs? Finding out the dominant source of engagement can help you produce more similar content which you know a high percentage of your audience will interact with.

You can also find out more crazy insightful factors such as the Age, interests, household income, even the phone service provider of your followers! Find a way to use it to your advantage and you will be growing at the speed of light!

Use trends & Hashtags to your advantage

When we are trying to grow our Twitter presence we often forget about the huge benefits of Twitter which is right in front of our eyes, trends & hashtags!

Keeping up with trends is essential. If there are any trends going on around the world which you can relate to your company in a post… do it! For example, we live in a generation where every single day is an event… especially on twitter anyway.

Let’s say you own a Coffee shop, you check Twitter in the morning and you can see that #Coffee is trending… Perfect! You can maybe post a picture of your coffee shop to entice followers/ engagement. Now let’s try something broader which will usually be the case in trending topics… What if ‘#ICantLiveWithout’ is trending? Even better you can finish off that trending hashtag again with ‘Coffee’ and attach an image of your finest freshly made coffee which let’s be honest… a lot of people will be able to relate too and will drive engagement on your posts. Daily use of tactics like this will increase your relevancy and will bring people to your Twitter organically.

Engage with your audience

This sounds like a given but interacting with your audience on a daily basis can do wonders for your social presence. Be sure to monitor your Twitter mentions daily and if someone replies to one of your creative posts then spark conversation with them! doing this will not only create trust between you and the person you’re engaging with but will influence that person to engage with your content more often and once they like/retweet one of your posts, you will then be featured on their timeline which can gain yourself more followers!

Clean, maintain and improve!

Now, just because your Twitter is booming now and mentions are flooding in every day, this doesn’t mean you can just leave it and it’ll carry on because I hate to break it to you but that just doesn’t happen! Just like everything in life, you have to maintain it! Here are a few things you’ll need to do:

Clean up your following! – Remember in Tip 2 when we were following all those people? Unfortunately, not everyone is going to follow you back… so every month on your management tools, be sure to unfollow every person that doesn’t follow you back. This will reduce clutter on your timeline and stop you coming across as a spam account.

Perform all these activities on a daily/weekly basis – That’s right! Performing these activities on a daily basis will only benefit your Twitter account more. It’s simply that the more you do it, the more your followers will increase.

Report! – Use the Twitter analytics tool to your advantage. Create monthly reports and set goals on what you want to achieve for the next month! Whether that is more followers or more engagements per post… you’re in control of your Twitter destiny!

At Dental Design, we offer a Twitter management bolt-on service which allows us to look after your Twitter. We will post on your behalf 2/3 times every week! Making sure your practice is keeping active and not left in the dark. If this is of interest to you, then please give us a call on 01202 677277.

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