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The link building potential for Dental Practice websites is something we are passionate about implementing, supporting and encouraging. Arguably, link building is the cornerstone of the world-wide web and how it influences indexing of the content of the web for users.

As well as the high-quality linkbuilding work that we do on behalf of our clients, there is also linkbuilding that can be implemented from within the practice.

Here are a few tips below:

• Links from Dental suppliers and equipment companies – The easiest way to get a link back from a dental supply or equipment company is to offer up a website testimonial with a link back to your website instead of listing your city.  It never hurts to ask, especially if you are a valued customer.

• Check to see if any organisations you belong to will link to your website – Do you have a link on your local Chamber of Commerce website? How about on any of the websites that you’ve done Dental Courses with? Professional dental organisations not only can grow your professional network but also can be a great source for link building to your dental website.

• Patients, family, and friends – Do you have valued patients who have their own business websites who might link to you on their useful links page? Check with any family, friends or close acquaintances who may be willing to link to your website…asking around is the key here!

• Create useful content – Creating a resource page is a great way to obtain links back to your dental website, if you can write content that you patients find useful – topics like ‘oral hygiene tips’ or ‘caring for your children’s teeth’ would be popular – you will find that your website gets more links than if you were just to leave it with treatment information and your contact details. People link to useful, informative content.

• Sponsor a local event – Often local events have their own event websites that stay up long after the event has ended. Being an event sponsor not only offers you involvement in your dental patient community but a chance to be featured on their websites. Charity events are good for this.

• Writing guest articles for online publications – Most blogs and online publications are always looking for experts in various fields to provide articles. Get to know the local journalists in your community and introduce yourself as a go-to specialist on dental-related subjects. Is there a popular blog in your niche where you can offer an expert opinion on teeth whitening, the latest in dental implants, or the proper way to brush your teeth to prevent cavities? There are many top mom bloggers who would love to share advice from dentists along with their regular blog articles. Just make sure your guest articles always include a link back to your dental website.

• Online reviews – You can use sites such as Dentist Finder to send out patient review requests which will build your online reputation and increase your links. Don’t forget reviews direct through Google (these require your patients to sign up to a Google account) as these certainly have a positive effect on SEO and inbound links.

If you would like any further information then please give the Dental Design team a call on: 01202 677277

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