What To Expect If Your Dental Marketing Is On Point

10th January 2019 | Harry Hawkins | Uncategorised

As a dentist, if you’re leveraging each and every marketing tactic you can expect some really profitable results. Let me run you through the channels you can use.


When it comes to ranking at the top of Google for your relevant searches there is a goldmine to be made. As Dental Practice’s are usually classed as local businesses the areas around the practice can be quite difficult to rank for, but for the ones a practice can rank for a large portion of web traffic can be received onto the website. This portion of website traffic as the potential to turn into new enquiries.

So with SEO on point, you can expect consistent enquiries being received with a very low advertising cost.



PPC can be utilised in two ways.

  1. To increase your prominence on search terms your already ranking for. In other words, to boot your competitors from the top of search terms that you’re organically ranking for.
  2. To be seen in areas in which your practice is not physically located in (and therefore unable to organically rank in).

This means that PPC extends your SEO reach further than your local area, meaning you have a whole new audience to attract to your practice. The reason this is valuable is because Google ranks local business websites based upon where the user is physically located. For example, if there are 15 dental practices on the users doorstep and they’re searching ‘Dental Practice near me’ then they’re not going to show a dental practice that is two towns away. This doesn’t mean that the user won’t travel two towns away for treatment. It’s just Google delivering what it feels are the most relevant results to the user.

Leveraging this PPC tactic to target users outside of your area can be incredibly useful. Just make sure you have a high converting landing page and enjoy dominating your area and the area’s around you.


Social Media 


Social Media is great to use in your marketing flywheel. By having existing patients like your Facebook page and then posting tons of good offers, or competitions to get involved in you’ll find that your existing patient base becomes even more profitable. This level of engagement with your patients can lead you to expect some good word of mouth recommendations and even some more organic likes to your page, increasing your marketing range.

Paid Advertising

The best part about social media advertising is that it’s very visual and targeted. You can run re-marketing campaigns on certain offers to run parallel to your PPC efforts or even target people based on their interests. This is great for products like Invisalign, Braces, Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants; all of which have awesome before and after images to use.


Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing sometimes gets thrown out by marketers, usually because a lot of it has gone digital. If you read into the case studies though, dental practice’s have had some good returns from direct marketing. Especially in the local area. Try putting together a nice leaflet and include an introductory offer. If you’re an analytical thinker, that likes measuring results, include a coupon code for them to quote so you can mark down how successful a direct marketing campaign is for you.


Other tips to help your marketing flywheel and funnel.

  •  Include a refer a friend offer to incentivise your patient base to market for you.
  • Push for as many Google Reviews and testimonials as possible.

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