How can Twitter Geolocation Improve Your Local Marketing

27th October 2016 | | Blog

We all know that Twitter can be a great tool to build awareness for your practice and develop loyal patients. However, finding the right people to connect with can be challenging. Using geolocation data can help you find the right people to connect with on Twitter.

What is Twitter Geolocation Targeting?

Twitter Geolocation Targeting allows you to find tweets that have been sent from a specific location. This could be a country, city, multiple regions or even a landmark or specific venue. This is useful as it makes tweets more contextual and helps business users to find leads relevant to their company and location.

How does it work?

Geolocation is the technology which helps Twitter to identify the real-world location of an object that a tweet is being sent from, such as a mobile device or laptop. When a Twitter user opts in to allow location-based services in their Twitter account, Twitter uses GeoTagging to categorise each tweet by location. This then allows users to create a more advanced search query which will track tweets sent from a specific city or country.

Why Geolocation?

The most obvious uses for geolocation are to improve your local marketing and brand awareness efforts. If you knew which Twitter users were living near your practice or had a business near your area, it would be great to connect with them, share interests, and let them know about your offers and services?

After you log into your Twitter account, go to the search box and type in geocode. Paste in the latitude value from Finally, type a comma and enter a mile (mi) or kilometer (km) value after it. Once the search is completed, click the Accounts tab to see the Twitter accounts in the immediate geographic area of your business. Look through the results and connect with relevant accounts.

To create a larger, more engaging local presence, you can also use Twitter filters to explore and engage with the news, photos, and live tweets from this location. Click the More Options tab to see additional filter choices. This tactic is a quick way to boost your business’s local marketing efforts.


It’s worth remembering that the primary goal of using Twitter is to raise the visibility of your brand. So it stands to reason that building relationships is an important factor in achieving that goal. One way to accelerate your brand recognition is to connect with influencers. When you build relationships with influential figures, there’s a good chance their followers will check you out, which helps increase your brand awareness.

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