How to write a perfect Google review

2nd June 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Pay Per Click, Social Media

Firstly, I should mention, that Google uses an algorithm to test reviews, and even the reviews, get reviewed. This algorithm will scan the reviews looking for obvious no-no’s like swearing, racism, sexism and other general unpleasantries. We have spoken to…

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Why am I asked to blog every week?

22nd May 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

There is no single answer to answer that question. The straightest answer could be “because it’s my job”; but Dental Design doesn’t do things for the sake of doing things. We like to have a reason behind our motions. We blog…

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Goodbye Google car – Hello camel!

13th April 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet

Google have decided to take a slightly different approach when capturing views of the desert for Google Street View. Instead of using a Google car, they have been enlisting the services of Raffia the camel. Helpful Raffia has been equipped…

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Search Engine Statistics

24th March 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet, Search Engine Optimisation

What do you say when you search for something online? You ‘google it’. Most Dentists know that it is more important to rank well for Google rather than Yahoo or Bing but how much market share does Google actually command…

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Google is pretty smart…

24th February 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Intelligence being the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills would raise the question; is google intelligent?   It would be a matter of opinion, a lot of people would argue that a computer or software can’t be intelligent…

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The essential HTTPS guide (and why it should be installed on your hosting)

17th February 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet

HTTPS is the secure version of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) the ‘S’ standing for ‘Secure’. In its most basic form, it establishes an encrypted, secure connection between a user’s browser and the server that hosts a website. The data sent…

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5 Star Reviews with 4.8 Rating – Google Ratings Explained

17th February 2017 | Carrie Dyer | Internet, Marketing

We’ve been encouraging dental practices for some time now to ask patients for Google reviews. The need to gain Google reviews for your local dental practice continues to increase for a number of reasons; The competition has long ago cottoned on….

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Why do Dentists need SEO?

10th February 2017 | Harry Hawkins | Blog, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

When you think about it, everyone needs a Dentist. Meaning everyone has looked for a Dentist at one point in their lives. When people begin looking there are 3 things that are imperative: SEO – Being the first dental practice…

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Return Of Investment (ROI)

9th February 2017 | Harry Longmuir | Blog, Creative Design, Internet, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Technology

We at Dental Design want the best results for our clients, and the best results are the rate of return for investing. It’s important to understand the ROI for any SEO implementation; we advise all our clients what to expect,…

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How do people find your Dental Practice?

16th January 2017 | Marcus Amberton | Internet, Marketing

Traditionally people would rely on the Yellow pages or word of mouth to research for local businesses such as restaurants, hairdressers and dental practices. The advent of the internet has certainly changed people’s habits as a study by The PEW…

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