Create engaging social media posts with minimal effort

Social Posts With Minimal Effort
5th April 2019 | James | Blog, Creative Design, Social Media

When updating your social media profiles, it’s no secret that the end goal is to produce engaging posts that are interacted with by your audience.

It’s as simple as this. The most engaging posts on Facebooks are infographics/graphics. Posting the simplest of things in a fun and creative manner will improve your social presence significantly. Not only does it look good but it gives your brand a more personalised and professional outlook.

Granted, this sounds like a challenging task and you probably have a number of reasons going through your head such as:

  1. I’m not a designer
  2. I don’t know how to make Infographics
  3. I don’t have the software on my machine to allow me to produce exciting graphics.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there is an online tool called Canva! You can use completely free that will give you HUNDREDS of templated designs you can manipulate and turn them into whatever you want! There are templates for almost anything you could ever need, including:

  1. Facebook post, Facebook Cover photo
  2. Infographic
  3. Blog Banner
  4. YouTube thumbnail
  5. Party invite
  6. Flyer
  7. Presentation
  8. Instagram Post
  9. Twitter Post
  10. Email Header

This is just naming a small few, the list is literally endless.
You can change/add so many different elements, upload your own pictures to the current design, I can’t recommend this enough if you’re someone that wants to make your social profile look more inviting in quick succession.

Post ideas you could do with minimal effort which can have a positive impact on your audience:

  1. Have interesting stats about your profession/industry? Great, create an Infographic.
  2. Post ‘Happy Birthday’ updates of your team with a personalised touch
  3. Have a special offer on a product? Create a bold & beautiful Banner/Post
  4. Use public holidays to your advantage – Create a quick and easy graphic for the occasion

Simple ideas like the things I mentioned above are brilliant because these post ideas are things that can fill your scheduling calendar up very quickly, making your page more active which will always benefit your social presence online.

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