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Harry Hawkins 30th October 2017

As a Dental Practice owner, you may find it difficult to find ways of attracting patients. Hopefully, this article may give you a good structure to keep to, to get as many ‘bums on seats’ as possible. I’ve put this article together as I can understand that you want to focus on catering to your existing patient’s needs and you may not have time, nor enjoy, putting the time into marketing your practice despite knowing how important it is.

Follow this list and you should find that you can easily market to new patients, time and cost-effectively:

  1. Send out ‘greeting cards’ – There is a stigma that good old fashioned ‘direct marketing’ is out of date thanks to the ‘digital’ era. All of this is, of course, a matter of perception. Although I feel that a well put together greeting card sent to local houses should be cheap and targetted enough to generate a return on investment. Make sure you design this card professionally though to entice the homeowners to read it. Perhaps even combine this with an offer (see .4)?
  2. Start a blog – A blog is great for two reasons. Firstly, if the blog is filled with relevant content that helps people find the answers they are looking for, then it brings in additional traffic to your website, and hopefully, more patients as a result. SEO analysts will also go on about how beneficial a blog is as it builds content and website size to your site, thus ranking you higher on Google.
  3. SEO – Talking about SEO, ensure that your website has original, useful content on it and is completely optimised to rank highly in Google. It may be worth consulting an SEO agency (like us) to help you with this!
  4. Create an offer – I’d say have an offer every month, and make sure you give it a good push! With either newsletters or other advertising tactics.
  5. Social Media – Make sure you engage with your following and even look at pushing your offers using Facebook advertising.
  6. Send Newsletters – Again, push your offers using a monthly newsletter, and connect to your patients to make them feel a sense of community with their practice.
  7. Offer Referral Incentives – Incentivise your current patients by offering a gift when referring friends or family.
  8. Show off results – Show off ‘before and after’ photos rather than just your services. Almost every dentist talks about how passionate they are, and the amazing benefits of teeth whitening or dental implants. Patients want to see the results.
  9. PPC Advertising – Not for everyone, but a successful PPC campaign can provide a great return on investment.

A lot of what is in here we can help with. If you want to see real results from your marketing please get in touch and we will show you how it can be accomplished!

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