The Most Powerful Tool After Your Digital Marketing

Harry Hawkins 4th December 2018

So you’ve received an enquiry, but the battle is not over; you now have to get your enquiry to part from their cash and take out a treatment with you.

The good news is, you’re off to a great start. If a potential patient makes an enquiry, then it means that they’re most likely near, if not in the buyer’s mentality. As a dental marketing agency that has facilitated hundreds of thousands of enquiries to our clients, we know that there is more that needs doing on the dental practice’s end.

Firstly, your enquiry handling; this is usually passed over to the reception team and is probably just as important as the treatment itself. The reception team need to follow two simple rules:

  1. Get back to the prospect as soon as possible – the prospect has probably asked other competitors for the same treatment to compare costs, and if your competitors have built a relationship with that prospect (even if it is one simple email) then you’re losing the race. Make sure your reception team are proactive and swift in getting back to all enquiries.
  2. Ensure that the reception team are polite and friendly. It’s surprising how many bad reviews of practices are of the reception team being rude (don’t worry, I know a lot of these can be from disgruntled patients blaming the person they spoke to the most, but an investigation into each issue should be considered to ensure that the reception team are on point).

Want another word of advice? Track the conversion rate of enquiries that you receive. See how many of the enquiries turn into bums on seats and then you can look at ways to train the reception team to highlight the benefits of your treatments or even on how to build a good rapport with your prospects.

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