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14th September 2018 | | Social Media, Uncategorised

Setting up Facebook’s conversion tracking will let you track your return on investment.

The Facebook pixel lets you track conversions for your ad campaigns two ways: with standard events and custom conversions.

The custom conversions method is the simplest form of conversion tracking, requiring no modification of the Facebook pixel code on your website. This tracking method is contained within the Facebook Ads Manager and uses the URLs of the pages you want to track.

The second, more advanced method of tracking your conversions comes from using standard events. This method involves pieces of code that track a specific action and they sit within the Facebook pixel on the web page you want to track.

Here’s how to get started:

1.Install the Facebook Pixel

Before you can set up conversion tracking for either method, ensure that you have the Facebook pixel set up and installed on your website. You need to install the Facebook pixel on every page of your website. This allows you to gather data on all of your page views and establish a baseline for measuring specific events.

2.Choose which event to track

Now you need to decide which standard events to track. Currently, you can track nine event actions:

  • View Cart
  • Search
  • Add To Cart
  • Add To Wishlist
  • Initiate Checkout
  • Add Payment Info
  • Purchase
  • Lead
  • Complete Registration

The actions you’ll want to track will depend on your Facebook ad campaign objective and the overall goal of your ad campaigns.

3.Install the conversion code on your website

Now that you know what actions you want to track, the next step is to add the conversion code to your website. You can manually copy and paste the Facebook pixel with the standard event code into the tags of the page you want to track. If you don’t feel comfortable with coding, you can use a plugin to install the conversion code.

If you have a WordPress website, there’s a free plugin called “PixelYourSite”. It allows you to install the Facebook pixel across your whole site with one click and create standard events for the specific actions you want to track. To use it, go to Plugins in your WordPress dashboard and click Add New. Then search for PixelYourSite.

4.Confirm the tracking is working

To check that the tracking is working, download the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome browser extension. Once installed, load one of the pages for which you’ve just created standard events. In the top right of your browser, click the Pixel Helper button. A drop-down will appear with the status of each event you’re tracking on that page.

5.Use custom conversions to split standard events

If you’ve chosen to track multiple pages using the same standard event, you’ll want to create custom conversions so you can see the individual results for each page in your Facebook ads reporting.

6.Add conversions to your reporting dashboard

The final step is to create custom conversion columns in your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard. When you create custom conversion columns, you can measure the exact number of conversions for the event actions you’re tracking. Additionally, you can track other metrics such as cost per conversion and total conversion values for actions such as purchases.

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