Is Email Marketing Dead?


We all get bombarded with emails every day and most of the time we delete them because we think its irrelevant or junk mail. Its therefore tough for marketer’s to get their message in our inbox.Blog Image

Some companies simply give up on email and move towards social media strategies. We’ve all seen a shift of marketing budgets being used in social and digital display channels, but that does not suggest email marketing is dead especially as 91% of us use email on a daily basis. There are still specific ways to get the highest value in your email messages so that you gain a higher return on investment in your sends. In fact email still accounts for a far greater share of customers than social media channels and is still a vital part to any marketing strategy.

One tactic that people aren’t fond of when it comes to email marketing is gathering everyone’s email into one list and just bombarding them until you push them to hit the spam button in their inbox. These types of emails certainly aggravate consumers. You need to understand your patients and reach them with information that they not only find relevant, but also find engaging.

Re-Opt In Campaign –  If you’ve been sending emails and you notice that many of them have bounced back it may be time for a re-opt in campaign that will remove any old email addresses and ensure that you are sending messages to those that want to receive them. This does mean you lose 50% of your list, but you should be emailing those that want to hear from you as opposed to the ones that don’t. A re-opt in campaign can save you money and time in the long run as every email you send costs money and by emailing those that don’t want to receive your emails you run the risk of damaging your reputation.

Gain Trust – You can build trust by emailing patients the information that they’ve requested. You can market and sell your services, but focus more on building the relationship and developing their trust so that they’ll want to do business with you. Another way to build trust is to let them know what to expect when they subscribe to your list.  Will you be emailing them monthly, weekly or only when there are special offers? If these expectations are set from the beginning then there will be no surprises.

Segment Your Campaigns – Ask those in your list what information they would like to receive. Are they interested in specific treatments or are they only interested in special offers? Do they have unique demographics that enable you to customise your messaging for them? Segmentation is key in optimising and keeping a list engaged.

Provide Value – Provide your subscribers with unique content that is interesting, educational and engaging, don’t make all your messages about you or your services. If it’s all about selling and provides no value you’ll disinterest your patients quickly.   Remember, the most effective email messages have content that is personal, solves a problem and is educational.

Email marketing is not dead if you use it as a marketing tool that will encourage the conversation with your patients, listening to their needs and provides them with the answers they need over time.

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