How Social Media Marketing and SEO Work Together

14th December 2018 | | Uncategorised

SEO and Social Media Marketing work together in many ways. Especially as each one tends to usually have the same fundamental goal; to help your target market find you. Each channel can be leveraged to produce new clients but social media can be good to remarket to existing clients. Such as with special offers, but that is a blog for another time.

Here’s why Social Media and SEO work so well together:

  1. Links – all web pages are treated equally in Google’s eyes. This includes Social Media pages which all have a chance to rank on Google’s search engine. With SEO one of the aims of the game is to dominate the first page. This means not just ranking 1st, but also ranking 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ideally all the way to 10th. As well as holding a position in the map listing. (Ideally, also if you were to run an Ad booting a competitor off the Google Ads space). As it’s quite difficult to get Google to rank numerous pages of one website for the same search query, this is where your social media pages can come into play. To make your social media pages rank well, first you’ll need to make sure there’s a lot of engagement and content on them; pretty standard stuff; but also you’ll need to ensure they have a good number of links pointing towards them. This works in reverse too, your social media profile sending links back to your site gives good ‘social signals’ that your website is worth ranking highly on Google.
  2. Brand Awareness – Social Media is great for getting your brand in front of user’s faces. Increasing your brand awareness can lead to direct searches on Google for your brand. This sends really good signals to Google that you’re a website and brand that people are directly looking for. These signals encourage Google to rank you highly for search terms that your website is indicating you’re relevant for. Providing your users find your website and don’t ‘bounce’ then you should find your rankings increase further and further.
  3. Online Reviews – Google displays reviews in your business listing from platforms such as Facebook. This these reviews are good you can find an increased CTR (which again helps with SEO providing they don’t bounce). If you combine these with Google Business reviews on the business listing, it’s nothing but good news resulting in an increased CTR as well as increased ranking, purely because positive Google reviews are a small ranking factor!
  4. Consistent Citations – Mentions of your brand name, address and phone number across the web are known as citations. If you have a good number of these citations and all of these citations are consistent then you’ll find that your local ranking will benefit.

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