How useful are Facebook Likes generated from Facebook Ads?


I stumbled across an article from the BBC about Facebook ads and the technology journalist’s ‘virtual bagel’ experiment. I do think this was an exercise to show Facebook ads on a more extreme side than would be applicable to dental practices and let’s be honest, the premise was pretty silly; it does however raise the important issue of the value of ‘likes’.

The journalist decided to create a Facebook business page promoting ‘virtual bagels’ whereby he would trade nothing, literally advertise the point of what a fantastic idea it would be if you could download actual bagels rather than having to make one yourself. The journalist managed to gain 1,600 likes in 24 hours using just $10 (about £6.50).

However, these likes were worthless, it wasn’t even a real company, let alone a real product. Instead, the experiment showed that people will like pretty much anything. Rather than wasting time, money and effort on Facebook advertising, it’s better to cultivate a smaller network through engaging content so that you get your message across to those that would take up your offers and use your services etc, rather than spreading the word to those who would never actually visit your practice.

If you would like to use your budget on advertising, try Google adwords as it is far more measurable and more likely to receive a higher return on investment.

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