Why Are Images Important on Websites?

Leigh Brown 15th September 2017 , ,

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Often when a user initially enters your website its not the text they first notice but the images.

Images can convey your brand’s messages in a more efficient and effective way than text can. But, the images you use need to be carefully selected.

Below are a few tips on what images to use on your website:

Team Images

Team head shots absent from the team profiles can deter users. Professional head shots will help make visitors to your site see the practice as more trustworthy and genuine.

But you shouldn’t stop at just taking head shots, taking images of the team at work and interacting with patients will help to convey your brand’s messages and allows the user to gain a better understanding of the practice.

Stock Images

There are many stock image websites and often it is easier and less expensive to look here for images to use on your website.

The key to using stock imagery is to find images that are compelling and help to project your brand’s messages and values without looking cliché.

However, one of the downsides to using stock imagery is that the images have most likely been used on other websites, including your competitor’s websites. There are ways to make stock imagery look more unique on your website, but sometimes the additional expense of a professional photographer pays dividends.

Before and After Images

Descriptive text is great, but it isn’t as powerful as images.

Us humans like images. We can process and understand images far easier than text. So, whilst there might be a lot of text describing the treatment and its benefits, often a good before and after image on the treatment page is what convinces them that they should enquire at your practice.

If you are interested in professional photography, please feel free to give Dental Design a call on 01202 677277.

If you would like to see some examples, please click here

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