The use of infographics by dental practices for online marketing is incredibly rare. But why should it be?

People are visual creatures – it is the way our minds are wired. So why not use infographics? They can help aid your online marketing by providing information in a visual and easily digestible manner.

So how do you go about making one? Here are some questions you need to consider:

Firstly, what data do you have?

What facts and figures do you have available? Infographics don’t really work without some key facts and figures being presented.

What are the goals of the infographic?

Is it to inform your users about something or to tell a story?

What type of layout are you going to use?

Whilst it is tempting to just use a blank canvas and see what you can produce, often the results look complicated, messy and lack structure.

Have a look at some tried and tested layout suggestions by Search Engine Journal

What type of font should you use?

There are thousands of fonts to choose from, but you should never use more than 2 different fonts in your infographic.

Different fonts can convey different moods or tones from the content. Times New Roman and Helvetica, for example, project a more serious feel. While Pacifico and Lobster feel more fun and creative.

What colours are you going to use?

The general rule of thumb is to stick to using two main colours.

Just like the use of different fonts can convey different moods and emotions, so can the use of different colours.

Have a look at the following link on the psychological properties of colours

Leave lots of white space

It might seem odd to leave lots of white space. But, it helps the infographic look less cluttered and allows your key facts to really stand out.


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Inspiration taken from – Search Engine Journal


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