Why Might Website Traffic Drop?


If your website traffic starts to fall, there are a number of factors to consider. Here are some possible causes of a traffic drop:

  • Competition

Has a new practice opened up nearby? If so, and if they have a brand new website or SEO strategy, you could be losing traffic to them.

The search results are constantly fluctuating and your position within them has a direct impact on the amount of traffic you receive. If a new competitor has appeared on the scene, or if an existing competitor has upped their SEO game, they could have stolen your position and therefore your traffic.

If this has happened, it’s time to examine your SEO strategy and website.  Then, make any adjustments to try and claim your position back and regain your traffic!


  • Google Algorithm Update

Google is continually updating the algorithm, and big changes can impact your website traffic considerably. Google rolls out updates to keep user experience at its best and to ensure SEO best practice is used. If you notice a big change in traffic, check SEO news for an announcement of an algorithm update, and if there has been one, update your site to match their new requirements.


  • Changes in advertising

If you’ve recently stopped an advertising campaign, be that via Facebook, Google Adverts, Blogging or even print or radio, it will have a direct impact on your website’s traffic. It’s important to look at what’s changed and how valuable the traffic your adverts generated was. If you also notice a drop in enquires and an increase in bounce rate, it may be worth considering running the adverts again.


  • Search Behaviour

Search trends and behaviour are seasonal. It may be that during the summer months when many people go away, your site experiences a drop in traffic. If you have data from the previous year, it will be worth comparing to see if you can spot this kind of trend. Remember that traffic does fluctuate – so keep monitoring and you may find that things return to normal based on user behaviour.

If not, it might be that your audience has started using a new term, or have moved onto a new treatment. A shift in interest in a treatment or new terminology becoming the norm could mean the keywords you are targeting are generating less traffic than before. Carry out some more research and rework your strategy so you’re targeting the keywords that generate the largest amount of traffic.


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