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ddl-admin 16th July 2012

If you are looking forward to keeping up with the latest trends in the SEO marketing field, you cannot go a day longer without optimizing your site’s content so it becomes SEO mobile compatible. Any current research study is going to tell you all about the boom in the number of mobile devices that are and will be used in the near future on the planet. In fact, the numbers are showing that the number of mobile devices around the world will go over the number of people living on Earth. At the moment, we have around 6.8 billion mobile devices and around 7 billion people. Now think in terms of mobile marketing opportunities. Now do you strat to see why you must embrace the mobile SEO approach?  


How To Customize Your Content For Mobiles

While the classic type of online searches is still highly popular among mobile users, voice searches and conversational types of queries are gaining more and more ground. They are not specific to the regular desktop search experience, hence special attention needs to be given to them. Customizing your business website so it enables mobile users to gain immediate access to the information they are searching for is an absolute must. Your brand also needs to be easily recognizable by mobile users special attention needs to be given to your keyword usage, which normally needs to slightly differ from the classic keyword search approach.

Focus on organic keyword search in terms of mobile devices and measure your conversion rates at all times. Customize your SEO keyword-related strategy and keep in mind the following: mobile searches will feature different consumer behaviors; they might type in their queries or they might use voice recognition options to perform their searches. This translates into a larger number of keywords that are going to need to be monitored. Groupings of similar keywords like the ones use during mobile searches will need to be used. Hence, keyword research for mobile devices and continuous keyword tracking will prove to be highly efficient for your new SEO mobile needs.


Understand Your Consumers -Track Mobile Segments

Another excellent strategy you could be using to customize your content so it becomes SEO mobile compatible refer to tracking mobile segments using Google Analytics. This will aid you easily perceive the actions of your online visitors while on their mobile devices. You will get to determine their degree of interest and engagement when relating to your current content. Go to Google Analytics and use the special mobile traffic, tablet and desktop traffic and mobile and tablet traffic segments to carefully study your mobile users’ behavior on your online site. Creating a focus group to use the human factors when performing tests across mobile devices is another excellent idea.

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