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SEO for Start Up Dental Practices

By Harry Hawkins on 11th May 2018

So you’ve started up a new Dental Practice and you just got your new website up and running. Hopefully, you’re one of the savvy people that understand the need to be found online, both to make yourself easy to find and contact for existing patients, as well as new patients.

To start with, research your keywords and find what you need to be ranking for. Once done, start optimising…

SEO fundamentally falls into two categories (note, these split into numerous categories from then on, but here are the basics):

On-site Optimisation – On-site Optimisation is exactly what it says in the name. Optimising all of the on-site data to make the website easy to read by viewers and search engines alike. The ways you can do this are:

Off-site Optimisation – Again, exactly what is says in the name. Off-site optimisation is how Google can build up the trust in your website. There are two very important ways to optimise your website off-site.

In SEO On-site and Off-site complement each other. If you have great Off-site optimisation but bad On-site you may find that your efforts are useless, and vice versa. It’s best to do both.


Note: There are many other different factors that will affect your Google rankings, these can consist of Schema markup data, User Experience, numerous factors to do with link building (C-Blocks, anchor text) etc… This article is to cover the very basics.



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