How SEO and PR work together

Harry Hawkins 12th January 2018


Any good SEO analyst will be able to tell you that a large majority of ranking highly on Google is your backlinking profile. What we know is that Google wants to see a natural looking backlink profile, from genuine websites, writing genuine blogs and genuinely linking back to your website. With the prominent word being genuine, SEO analysts can find it difficult to create a genuine link, back to a client when they have to ask for the link, or pay for the link, or even write about something and work the link in there. Not only that, but the SEO analysts can’t just post the link on any website and expect Google to rank the website highly as a result. The links need to be on targetted, topic related websites. If you want to read more about how link building works, read this blog.


This is where most SEO analysts trip over. To build natural links you need to first start projects worth writing about. This is hard in the dental industry, as (no offence) it’s not as exciting as many other industries and therefore more difficult for bloggers or news outlets to write about you. Either way, PR is great for getting your name out and having other sites link back or mention your brand. These sites are usually high quality and the best part is, it’s all natural link building – the sort that Google loves! The best ways to get mentions from these websites are to enter (and ideally win) awards, to create trends on social media, either through videos such as the singing dentist, who also appeared on ‘This Morning’  (big props for Google), or by publishing professional opinions on new research or technology in the industry. A great way to do this is to create a blog and apply for ‘Google News’ so whenever people ‘Google’ keywords related to your blogs, it triggers the news section in the Google snippets, people then find this content and if it’s original and interesting enough – link to it.



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