Social Media

Social media sites are like cocktail parties, don’t just turn up and start talking at people you don’t know.

Everyone’s talking about it

Use social media to win the hearts and minds of patients

Social media is still the new kid on the block – exciting, with bags of potential, but a bit of an unknown quantity. If you’re about to dive in – or already have – It’s important to be realistic when setting marketing goals; it’s not going to generate instant results, like PPC would.

Above all, social media is a fantastic branding tool for a dental practice, it showcases your intellectual leadership, humanises staff and familiarises the practice (great for nervous patients) and can help to improve customer satisfaction, and retention.

Social media offers you the chance to spread the word about what is unique about your practice and why your patients should (and do) choose you, over your competitors.

We firmly believe that there is no-one better placed to run your social media campaigns, than yourself. Our interest lies very much in training you and your team to manage your social media pages and build a strong following.

Whether it’s a post, pin, tweet or other, our social media savvies will advise what to say, when to say it and on what platform to say it on. We work to Pareto’s 80/20 rule, with 80% of our posts relating to ‘social’ affairs, and only 20%, business matters.

But, if it’s someone to take it all off your hands you’re after, we can do that for you too. Our social media management packages are managed in-house by our marketing team and promise to deliver you a professional and assured presence that will impress both your patients, and the search engines.

Social media – what\’s right for your practice?

Social media marketing is word-of-mouth marketing at its core – the tricky part is executing and creating the “buzz” that drives it. Quality content is content created for humans by humans.

Always think about what your patients would want to read and what they will get value out of and ultimately what they will want to share with their friends.

We focus on the four main areas of social media

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google Plus

  • Pinterest

Social media set-up and design


If you’re going to promote your business across social media sites, do it professionally. Nothing screams unprofessional quite like an incomplete or poorly designed profile.

Our team will get you set up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and design the social media pages in line with your practice branding for a one-off fee of just £250+VAT. Then you’re all set! You can either choose to manage the pages within the practice, or, consider one of the following two management packages that we offer;

Simply Facebook Management

£450 + VAT Monthly (£250 + VAT Set-up*)

    • Background Design & Profile page set-up
    • Seasonal updates to the profile imagery
    • Facebook Management
    • 4-5 unique posts a week on Facebook
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Community Engagement – Researching ways to communicate with the local community
    • Responding to comments, messages, reviews
    • Cinemagraph – Once a quarter
    • Boosted Post x 1 month
    • Competitions x 1 quarter **
    • Facebook Poll x 1 quarter **
    • Monthly Social Media Report

* Set-up: A one off fee of £250 +VAT – We will get you set up on Facebook, making the page SEO friendly. We will also design the cover imagery in line with your practice branding (Includes a branded social media practice poster for your waiting room)

** Dependant on content provided by the practice

Bolt ons

Twitter Management, Posting 4-5 times a week
£250 + VAT
Instagram Management, Posting 4-5 times a week
£100 + VAT
Facebook Advertising Management (Not including monthly Budget)
£100 + VAT
Monthly Blog
£75 + VAT
£75 + VAT
Google Posts – Every fortnight
£20 + VAT
Boosted Posts (Not including budget)
£5 + VAT
Practice Visit
£250 + VAT

Social Media Training

£600+VAT (+travel expenses)

Learn how to make Social Media work for your practice

If you think you have the necessary skills and more importantly the time to manage your social media accounts from within the practice, we can offer in-house training to get you up on your feet, showing you how to use social media in the right way and how to maximise your resources so that you can gain measurable results.

Our hands on social media training includes:

    • Where to start?
    • Discover the language and tone of voice you would like to portray
    • Social Media Planning and Calendar for posts
    • How to integrate social media into your website
    • Creating relationships within the local community
    • Social media advertising and how it works
    • Social media analytics and reporting