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Social Media Marketing in 2018

By Lucy Mander on 15th May 2018

There are more than 1.86 billion monthly active users on Facebook which is why it’s such an important marketing strategy.

The Facebook algorithm is constantly evolving in order to provide a better experience for users. When a user visits Facebook, there are thousands of potential posts that might be displayed in their News Feed. The sophisticated algorithm takes these posts and arranges them according to how likely the user would be to interact with the content.

Active interactions such as sharing, commenting, and reacting will hold much more weight than “passive” interactions such as clicking, viewing, or hovering.

So how can you improve your social media presence?

1. Be active
2. Engage with your audience
3. Choose an eye-catching cover photo
4. Post quality content
5. Respond promptly to messages
6. Schedule posts in advance
7. Reach new patients with Facebook Ads
8. Go Live

Social media call to actions

“Learn More”
“Tell us what you think”
“Take Action”

Post Ideas

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