Struggling with content ideas for a blog post? Try these quick tips!

Struggling with blog post ideas?
27th February 2019 | James | Blog, Search Engine Optimisation

Have you ever needed to write a blog post and end up going into meltdown because you have absolutely no idea where to begin or what to post about? Don’t worry… I’ve been there! The purpose of this blog is to share with you what I have used to get the keyboard typing!

Answer the public

Answer the public is an absolute GOD send! Answer the public is a website in which you search a keyword and will be presented with a view of questions involving your keyword, divided into 10 categories. I am going to provide an example of the questions surrounding the keyword ‘Root Canal’ and provide a question from each category (In total there were 162 questions generated):
1. What is root canal treatment?
2. Which antibiotic is used for root canal?
3. Who needs root canal?
4. Can root canal cause nerve damage?
5. Where does root canal hurt?
6. Will root canal treatment hurt?
7. Are root canal teeth more sensitive?
8. How long root canal takes?
9. Why root canal is necessary?
10. When does root canal require crown?
Now as you can see, not only can you think of content you could blog about but you also have ideas in-front of you on how you can answer other questions regarding your topic in the same post to make it as in-depth and informative as possible.

Google (People also ask)

Believe it or not, another place which is great for content ideas is simply Google! Let’s stick with the keyword we’ve been using as an example. Let’s simply search ‘root canal’ in Google. You will then see a box appear on the SERP labelled “People also ask”. Here are suggestions that Google believes to be relevant and often asked:

Now not only is this beneficial for content ideas…but it is also very helpful for SEO as you can get an idea of common questions regarding a specific topic which you can then take advantage of and optimise specifically related pages by adding more information and providing the answers to the common questions.
It is important to remember the relevance of being active with blogs for your business as it contributes to making your site more visible and attracting new visitors. Having an interesting blog online always has the potential blow up and be shared by many users… never forget this!

If you need any advice on blog post ideas, please do not hesitate to give Dental Design a call on 01202 677277

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