Why should your dental practice be blogging?

25th June 2018 | | Marketing

Content is king! You have no doubt heard this phrase being used by us. However, many dental practices underestimate just how powerful content can be. Persuasive content leads to conversions. Content that contains the perfect number of the right keywords…

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Marketing Trends for 2018

27th April 2018 | | Marketing, Social Media

Video Marketing 2017 was a big year for video marketing, but 2018 will be even bigger as companies incorporate video marketing into all aspects of their customer experience. Video marketing is projected to account for 80% of total internet traffic…

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Things to consider about using images in your content

16th March 2018 | | Marketing

Images are not given enough thought when it comes to content creation. Most of the emphasis in content marketing is on crafting the perfect text; whilst this is very important for a number of reasons, selecting the right images to…

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What to expect in content marketing this year

6th March 2018 | | Marketing

Social Media Sharing content on social media is already popular, but 2018 will see more content being published on social platforms. Patients are already on social media so publishing content on these platforms makes it easier to reach out to…

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Create an awesome about page to set your website apart

2nd August 2017 | | Blog

About pages are often one of the most visited pages on a website. Site users visit them to get an idea of how trustworthy a site is. So these pages offer a great opportunity to connect with visitors and sell…

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Content really is King

21st April 2017 | | Marketing

Clearly, engaging with content has become a staple online activity, one which opens up significant opportunities for brands to establish meaningful dialogue with their audiences. So what exactly is content marketing? It’s the creation and publication of original content —…

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Learn how to use content to market your business

28th November 2016 | | Marketing

Being a dentist is not just about teeth, it’s also about building trusting relationships with your patients. Dentistry is an extremely interpersonal profession. Patients willingly place their health, appearance, and money in your hands when they choose your practice. Instilling confidence in…

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How to create a perfect “About Us” page

13th September 2016 | | Marketing

After your website gets potential patients interested in the services that you offer, they will most likely head to your “About Us” page to make sure your practice is the right choice for them. On the web you can’t communicate with…

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How to get your blog shared

4th May 2016 | | Blog, Marketing

Having the ability to write an engaging blog post is one thing, but getting it seen is another story. That means being clever about the way you share your content online. Social media and blogging work hand in hand with eachother,…

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