Verifying Your Facebook Business Page

16th September 2016 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Have you verified your Facebook business page? So, you’ve created a Facebook business page for your practice, uploaded your profile picture and filled in the details. But, did you know that Facebook offer a way to verify your business page?…

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Facebook Business Pages Have Changed

11th August 2016 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

You might have noticed recently when logging into your Facebook account that they have reorganised the way your business page looks. So what has changed? Well below is a screenshot of our Facebook page and a few details of the…

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Facebook Contest Tips

11th March 2016 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Are you using social media to engage with your patients? Have you thought about running a Facebook contest? Facebook contests are a good way to not only improve engagement on your page, but to also boost the reach and visibility…

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Tracking Conversions From Facebook Ads

29th January 2016 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

If you are looking to start Facebook ads and want to track how they are performing, tracking the number of conversions they are generating is likely your most important metric. Facebook have been enabling advertisers to track conversions from their…

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Facebook Professional Services

18th December 2015 | Leigh Brown | Blog, Social Media

Local marketing keeps getting more interesting! Sreedev Sharma is believed to have spotted an interesting feature on Facebook. A feature that might cause a bit of an issue for Yelp and other similar sites. It’s called Facebook Professional Services and…

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Improving Your Social Media Engagement

15th May 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

It’s easy to post updates and content on your social media profiles. What’s more challenging is creating a social media page that people want to engage with. Social media engagement is important as it helps build the relationships you have…

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Setting Up a Facebook Page

8th May 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

So you have a website for your practice and are ranking well in search engines but you are still looking to increase your exposure to potential patients – why not create a Facebook Business Page? Not only will a Facebook…

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Facebook Q&A

29th April 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Got some questions that you need answering about how to make the most out of Facebook? Well you’re in luck! The following provides the answers to the most common Facebook questions:   Can I change my page name? Changing your…

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Increase The Visibility of Your Facebook Posts

23rd January 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

It has been reported that this year Facebook aim to increase their efforts to punish brands that post too much promotional content. In addition they will also be punishing those brands who use many Facebook-baiting practices (e.g. asking for clicks,…

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