Why Is It Important To Respond To Reviews?

7th December 2018 | Rosie Littlejohns | Marketing

Importance of Online Reviews We all know that gaining online reviews is an incredibly important part of any online marketing strategy. They help boost potential patient’s trust in your practice, build your online reputation and drive traffic to your site….

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How to Improve Your Online Reputation

24th August 2018 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Has your practice suffered from a negative review online? Do you wonder how you should respond to the negative review? Here are some tips on what you should do… Every day, people use the internet to find locations and services,…

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Why are Online Reviews so Valuable to Small Businesses

2nd August 2018 | Lucy Mander | Branding, Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Word of mouth has always been a key to success in business and online that involves customer reviews. Online reviews are one of the most important part of any business today. Review sites are becoming more and more significant to…

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The Importance of gaining online reviews

26th July 2018 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

Every time we go online to research a product we are interested in purchasing we are presented with online reviews. Most sites that display reviews use a 5-star rating system with the option of the user providing a comment as…

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Factors to consider when building a local online presence

15th June 2018 | Lucy Mander | Search Engine Optimisation

Studies have found that nearly half of all Google searches are local. And as more and more businesses recognize that optimizing for these searches is a requirement, the prospect of ranking is becoming very competitive. It is therefore vitally important…

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Marketing Trends for 2018

27th April 2018 | Lucy Mander | Marketing, Social Media

Video Marketing 2017 was a big year for video marketing, but 2018 will be even bigger as companies incorporate video marketing into all aspects of their customer experience. Video marketing is projected to account for 80% of total internet traffic…

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What are Google reviews and how can it benefit your site?

28th July 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing, Social Media

Online customer reviews are increasingly important if you want your site to be visible on Google. Google is placing more influence on the positive ranking factor of an online review in amongst the other 200+ factors that affect a site’s…

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How should you deal with negative comments online?

23rd June 2017 | Lucy Mander | Marketing

Connecting and engaging with clients and fans is a great way to show the human side of your business to establish trust and loyalty. However, if you’re going to delve into the world of social media, you need to be…

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4 Additional Places to Garner Reviews Other Than Google

10th June 2016 | Leigh Brown | Marketing

Online reviews are an important part of the patient’s journey to enquiring at your practice. Reviews can be used to start the patient’s journey or to supplement their research into your practice. Whilst Google reviews are very important, they are…

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The importance of reviews for local SEO

3rd December 2015 | Lucy Mander | Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation

Reviews are a massive part of the web and an absolute essential for Dental Practices if you want to succeed online. The number of web sites offering patients the opportunity to review their dentist is increasing by the day, i.e….

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