Slow Site? Facebook won’t like it

2nd September 2016 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Are you running, or thinking about running, some Facebook ads? If so, pay attention to how fast your site loads, as Facebook will certainly be taking a closer look at it. Facebook are taking users’ mobile experiences very seriously and…

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7 social media mistakes and how to avoid them

2nd October 2015 | Faye Harris | Blog

Most dental practice owners now use social media as a marketing and customer service tool. Yet, despite the widespread use of social media, many dentists are inadvertently damaging their brand through their efforts, rather than growing and building their presence….

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Facebook Posting Tips

11th September 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Is your practice active on Facebook? Do you have a Facebook posting strategy? Is it working well for you? In this blog I am going to list a few tips that might help your Facebook posts become more effective:  …

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Protecting your Brand Reputation Online – 6 top tips

26th August 2015 | Carrie Dyer | Blog

It couldn’t be more vital for a dental practice or medical professional to have control over their online reputation. PR professionals across the world have for a long time preached the golden rule: The best time to start a brand…

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Learn From Your Competitors’ Social Media

17th July 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Are you considering using social media as an additional online marketing strategy? Do you know if your competitors already are?   Below are a few things to consider: Should your practice be on social media? If your competitors are already using…

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Serious About Your Online Presence?

26th June 2015 | Leigh Brown | Creative Design, Internet, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media

Are you serious about your online presence? Do you want to utilise the 4 core elements of online marketing in your strategy? There are many ways to market your practice online, utilising the 4 core online marketing elements below will…

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How Important Are Images?

19th June 2015 | Leigh Brown | Internet

“A picture is worth a thousand words” We are very much in the age of visual content, with cameras on phones and the abundance of social media networks that you can upload your images to the expectation is that you…

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Social Media posts that are quick and easy

16th June 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Struggling to find the time to post on social media? Not all social media posts have to be lengthy. In fact there are many cases that show shorter posts to be more effective than longer posts. Here are a few…

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Creating a LinkedIn Company Page

22nd May 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

Fancy improving your online visibility even more? Did you know that you can create a company page on LinkedIn? LinkedIn company pages provide you with the opportunity to improve the practice’s brand awareness. So how do you get started with…

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Improving Your Social Media Engagement

15th May 2015 | Leigh Brown | Social Media

It’s easy to post updates and content on your social media profiles. What’s more challenging is creating a social media page that people want to engage with. Social media engagement is important as it helps build the relationships you have…

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