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Nigel Reece
Managing Director

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I’ve always wanted to be a writer from a young age so it made sense to pursue a career in copywriting. After graduating with a degree in English Lit, I spent a bit of time doing odd jobs until I started at a writing agency. I covered a lot of different topics and I mean a lot: oak flooring, extractor fans, planning permission, bras, and casinos to name a few. Needless to say, I’m quite relieved to narrow my focus on just one thing – dentistry.

I write the copy for our websites – sometimes the print too. I get to be involved with all the new websites and carry them through the process right up to when it goes live. My roles have me working directly with dentists, getting the juicy details about their practice and treatments. It’s thoroughly rewarding to see a brief build from a single word document to a fully-fledged website.

I lived in Spain for a year before returning to my home county of Dorset. My parents still live out there so I get a cheeky cheap holiday every once in a while. I love visiting my Spanish home-from-home and soaking up the rays. In my free time, I enjoy a good movie, good wine and good company.

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Some 17 years ago I joined Dental Design as a fresh-faced, enthusiastic ‘’I’m not sure what I want to do” dogsbody – and whilst arguably I remain a dogsbody, I’m happy to be part of the furniture and proud of what we have achieved and excited about what’s come.

Having taken on almost every role in the company at some stage, today I find myself very much settled in a Marketing capacity. It keeps me on my toes, forces me to keep learning and its transparency is mostly good – until I have my annual ‘absolute flop’ of an idea!

As far as interests go, I used to love the gym, cycling and anything adventurous. I currently enjoy being active outdoors and half watching sport – the latter with thanks to my absolutely scrumptious children. You know you’re old and boring when your next exciting investment is artificial grass and you panic when you can’t find your National Trust membership card.

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Bio coming soon...

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My work life began in the Banking industry of all things, working my way up the ranks from cashier to Branch manager. Then hopping over to the Insurance industry, venturing into the Dental realm and finally coming across to Dental Marketing 6 whole years ago!

As a Marketing consultant, I’m all about helping dentists across the country get the best results from their marketing. My role has me in constant contact with our clients, getting to know them, their goals, and their practice. I do all I can to help dentists build their online presence.

I have two young children who keep me busy. I try to cram as much in the weekend as possible. Sports is also a big part of our lives; I run a Netball club (We are unbeaten this season with just 2 games left!) and I am also club secretary for my nephews U14 football team, so will often be found on a court or pitch – rain or shine! I also love to eat (who doesn’t) and enjoy wine way too much!

View Richard's LinkedIn Richard Development Team

As a photographer and filmmaker, I have been working freelance for a variety of different businesses, creating exciting visual content for Lifestyle clothing brands, Hotels and Resorts, Extreme Sports as well as Landscapes. In 2016, I completed a Master’s Degree in Commercial Photography at the Arts University Bournemouth where I embarked on an adventurous photographic journey from the Source of the River Severn to the sea at Bristol Channel. The work consists of beautiful and grotesque landscapes, reflecting man’s influence on the environment. In addition, the series of portraits capture the interesting characters living alongside the river.

Congratulations if you’re still reading this….

My photography has enabled me to travel all over the world. However, I thought it was time to settle down and find myself a girlfriend so if there is anyone reading this bio let me know…

As the Lead photographer and filmmaker of Dental Design, it is my role to capture and edit the stunning imagery and video content for your new website. I keep up-to-date with the latest trends such as 4K 360 video, as well making sure when you book a photography day with us, we maximise on the results of the day.

If I am not eating avocado or cooking eggs in my campervan, I am surfing, paddle boarding, kitesurfing, skateboarding, exploring, adventuring, suntanning – basically anything with an “ing” attached. There’s more sand in my bed than there is on the beach and I love it.

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I have worked in Sales and Marketing for nearly 15 years with a brief stint as an Air Hostess in between. I’ve worked for small businesses, creative agencies and largely in corporate, Canon, where I learnt most of my trade.

I am passionate about marketing and find human behaviours fascinating. I consult with Dentists across the UK and Ireland to help deliver marketing results. Each strategy is different which is what makes my part of Dental Design a dynamic one. I want our role in your business to be an extension of your team.

I am an active person, always out and about with my dog. I’ve lived here by the seaside for seven years and it’s a lifestyle that suits me through and through. I’m often back home in Sussex too with my family and friends who make the world go around for me. Most weekends you will find me chasing the sun and a pint.

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A Business Studies graduate with a passion for marketing, I joined Dental Design after a year and a half long stint working out in Nigeria (don’t ask) as member of the ongoing marketing team back in 2010.

I now head up an ever expanding team of marketing professionals, looking after 400 dental practice websites! No day is the same and I love dealing with our clients, building relationships and achieving their online marketing goals. If Google could stop constantly changing their algorithm then that would be the icing on the cake.

When I’m not working on dental websites, I love my House and Techno. I make an annual pilgrimage to Ibiza but I think might be getting too old for that now! I also have a love/hate relationship with my team Tottenham Hotspur. Some people think football shouldn’t be matter of life or death…I can assure you, it’s more important than that.

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Bio coming soon...

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I studied marketing and graduated from Bournemouth Uni in 2017. I also worked in online marketing positions alongside my studies, building up my knowledge and love of all things digital! After Uni I knew I wanted to work in a digital marketing agency and struck gold when I secured my position here at Dental Design.

As part of the online marketing team, my role is to work with dentists and practice teams, focussing on the SEO and PPC aspects of online marketing. I love getting to know my clients and seeing my campaigns help to build and grow a practice’s online visibility and patient base.

I have always lived by the sea and love being outdoors. I try to keep active and enjoy taking on a challenge - I recently ran a half marathon and will be trekking in China later this year for Charity. You’ll normally find me out walking or at the beach at the weekend, of course stopping at a pub or two along the way! My other love is all things cooking, food and drink related. Not to brag… but I’ve been told that I make the best brownies and Espresso Martinis in Bournemouth!

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I'm a marketing graduate from Bournemouth University. Whilst writing my dissertation at Uni on Search Engine Optimisation, I was always passionate to learn more. I worked at a digital agency once a week whilst attending Uni to gain more experience (and to help complete my dissertation). I joined Dental Design in 2013 and almost six years on I’m one of the longest members of the team and I’m proud to have been a part of the company’s journey during that time!

I’m part of the online marketing team working on the SEO and PPC campaigns for a portfolio of clients. I also head up the social media side of the business where I manage the social media management packages and Facebook advertising campaigns for a number of practices. I love seeing positive results from the work that I produce … no day is the same!

Pigs, Ed Sheeran and Cheese... I think that pretty much sums me up. Think crazy cat lady, but switch it with pigs (minus the crazy I hope).

I’m a social person who enjoys spending time with my family and friends. Anything that gets my adrenaline pumping I’m keen to give a go and have taken part in a number of extreme sports over the years - keen to tick more off the list too! I do love a challenge, I’ve completed a half marathon and pier-to-pier swim to raise money for the Stroke Association. Last year I visited Tanzania with Bridge2Aid (courtesy of DDL) so that I could witness the life-changing work the Dental charity carry out and this year I will be trekking the Great Wall of China to raise money for Julia’s House. To unwind, I love to cook and watch a good series. “The Walking Dead” is definitely the best series ever to be made!

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Since a young age I’ve always been the ‘go-to’ guy in the family for assistance with the World Wide Web! Whether this was growing my family’s website or helping my Grandad responding to an e-mail, this led me to become passionate within online marketing!

I work within the online marketing team and hold a portfolio of brilliant clients. I like that each day consists of a different routine and I LOVE seeing my clients receive positive results from the work I carry out. Of course, we come up against some challenges but Dental Design is a family unit and we pull through it together.

To let my (short) hair down, you’ll find me stuffing my face with chicken wings and socialising with my friends…likely at a festival. I’m a passionate Liverpool fan which as you can imagine… is stressful BUT that’s the beautiful game and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Oh and I’m a Chinese buffet connoisseur.

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I used to work in print media as an Editor for a fashion publication in good ole London town and I have also previously worked organising festivals, which was a lot of fun. I have always been involved in the marketing and promoting of these events and publications and it has led me nicely into the online marketing team here, where I can utilise my skills learnt over the years.

Part of the online marketing team, I am involved in citation building and link building for our client websites, with the intention of raising their online presence and getting them to the very top of Google! I also write blogs for our Premier and Premier Plus clients and post these onto various platforms to help our clients get the online recognition that they deserve.

I love spending time with my family and you’ll usually find me on a dog walk, on a day out with the kids or having a BBQ and fire in the back garden. Other hobbies include upcycling furniture, sometimes with disastrous effects, and I love Pilates, whenever I get time to do it!

View Alex's LinkedIn Alex Design Team

I have always had a passion for work with computers being one of the thing I excelled at. I decided to study for a foundation degree at Bournemouth University in Computing with Networking. Honing on the skills I learnt in web development I went onto work in Salisbury, Bournemouth and now Poole with Dental Design.

I work on the amends team within Dental Design. This role keeps me on my toes and can be different from day. In this role I have developed my design skills more and more improving every day building on my more technical background.

In my spare time I enjoy various different nerdy pastimes. I spend a lot of weekends LARPing across the country, drinking a little too much and camping. I live in the countryside on a small farm which is an escape from the day to day.

View Adam's LinkedIn Adam Design Team

From my earliest memories, I’ve always wanted to work in the media or journalism, so before joining Dental Design I studied Interactive Media for two years at West Kent College and Media Production for a further three years at Bournemouth University, as well as working as a freelance web designer in my free time.

I joined Dental Design as a junior web designer nine years ago and since then the design team has grown rapidly, now boasting eight highly skilled web and graphic designers. During this period, I’ve pretty much worked in every role, finally reaching my ultimate goal of becoming the design team manager!

Sports, music, friends and family are my life, closely followed by film and technology. I would rather go snowboarding than on a summer holiday. For most of my life I’ve lived by the sea, either in Brighton or Bournemouth. I’d choose living in these places over the hustle and bustle of London any day of the week… Night in relaxing over a night out, and an avid Arsenal fan…

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View Mark's LinkedIn Mark Design Team

Since being obsessed with drawing animals as a child, and subsequently studying Art and Graphic Design through school and higher education; I always wanted a job where I could be creative. Prior to joining Dental Design I worked in web development in multiple sectors, including: education, IT consultancy firms, travel industry, sports clubs and charitable organisations.

I’ve been working at Dental Design since 2016 where my role involves me designing/building new websites. It’s great to be able to contribute to a client’s visual impression on the web, from designing the initial concept – through to building the site and developing the responsive version. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of such a dedicated and skilled team of designers. Being able to work with a view of the sea and the Purbecks is an added bonus!

Daddy| Dog lover | Coffee addict.

I’m very fortunate to have always called Dorset my home. I love spending time with my family - especially my daughter, Alice and Labrador, Monty. Downtime involves anything from running on the beach, listening to podcasts, playing video games, watching movies or partaking in the never ending pursuit of having the most ‘idyllic’ Instagram life. I’m at the point in my life where a National Trust membership is pretty exciting!

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View Madeleine's LinkedIn Madeleine Design Team

I realised I had a passion for Digital Media in school where I studied Media Studies for my GCSE’s and AS-Levels. After my first year of sixth form, I left school and started working as an apprentice for an agency in Bournemouth for a year. When my apprenticeship finished three years ago, I applied for a role in the amendments team at Dental Design.

My role consists of making changes to existing client sites. This can be anything from a text change to re-designing a whole page layout. I also had the opportunity to redesign the PPC template that we use earlier in the year which has shown great results.

In my spare time I do a lot of exercise. I attend kettlercise sessions twice a week, a PT session once a week and then two gym sessions a week on top of that! I also love taking my cockapoo Millie out for long walks by the seaside, as I am very fortunate to live a five minute drive from Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Other than that, I REALLY enjoy a gin.

View Joshua's LinkedIn Joshua Design Team

At a very young age, I’ve always wanted to serve in the military, however after studying Computer Science at Bournemouth College for two years and finding my passion for technology I decided to pursue a career in Computer programming.

I’m a junior web designer at Dental Design. During the last two years I have gained a huge amount of experience. I get to work on many websites every week: jobs range from five-minute text changes to complicated day-long tasks. I love the challenge of working here, but the highlight of the day is still having fast food for lunch.

Serial Chips & Chocolate eater, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Walking my springer spaniel along the beach in the evening or visiting my local gym.

I definitely prefer a night in watching films over a night out .

View David's LinkedIn David Design Team

I’ve had a passion for Art and Design for as long as I can remember. I received my first true taste for design in 1999 when I had work experience with Auto Express and Daltons Weekly magazines, introducing me to a number of design tools that I still use to this day. Ever since then my passion for design grew and I fell in love with 3D Animation and Interactive Media, more importantly Web Design – each of which I have obtained Bachelor’s Degrees in. Life however throws you a curveball and prior to working for Dental Design I spent the better part of a decade as an Area Branch Manager, managing Boots Chemist, Retail and Opticians Stores across Somerset and Dorset.

I’ve been with Dental Design since early 2015 and have proudly ascended through the ranks to Senior Designer. My skills are best described as an all-rounder as I’ve always been fascinated with the inner-workings of things and understanding them. I take a lot of pride in keeping my code clean and up-to-date in order to improve the longevity of each website and to aid in the success of its SEO while being mindful of how the Internet is evolving and how code will affect website rankings in the future to come. More recently I’ve been handling website production from the design stage straight though until go-live. Over my time at Dental Design I have also worked on Print, Emails, Logos, Video production, photo manipulation and Google AdWords.

I’m a ‘lean-mean healthy-eating lifting-machine’; extremely passionate in health and fitness, and it has become a large part of my life over the last year and a half. I also like nothing more than to chill out on the Golf Driving Range, go Ice Skating and appreciate the art of Cinema.

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View Jamie's LinkedIn Jamie Design Team

Before joining Dental Design, I did the usual sixth form/college/uni thing. I struggled with classroom learning so ultimately decided to leave uni half-way and went on to teach myself through a mix of work experience and YouTube! After moving back to Poole, I applied for a role in the amendments team at Dental Design.

I work on the design team and have been at dental design since 2013. I started as a junior and have worked my way up to new designs. I thrive on learning new things, so the job suits me down to the ground. I love working here and I think this is reflected in the quality of work.

Outside of work I enjoy the usual… Xbox, football, riding my bike as far and as fast as I can go before falling off… and of course, spending time with family and friends. I’m completely obsessed with formula one and will happily bore anyone talking about it (if I’m given the chance!).

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View Alex's LinkedIn Alex Design Team

I always loved drawing as a kid. My first taste of art being commercial was studying Graphic Design in college - I was hooked and went on to a Foundation, then a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication. Over the last ten years I’ve worked as a designer in property, pensions, IT, healthcare, and most recently dentistry. I still play with crayons.

Since moving from the city to the coast eight years ago it’s been great living and working here. I’ve been with Dental Design for two years, and still look forward to Mondays. My strength is finding the point where creative meets strategy. Working here means I get to help people, work with an awesome team, and solve problems for our clients using video, on-screen, and in print.

People are the most important fixture in my life; I’m lucky to have a brilliant family. When I’m not being chased around by nephews or spending time with friends I enjoy making music and love to travel: You can’t beat following your nose and finding a change of scene!

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Send Nigel A Message View Nigel's LinkedIn Nigel Reece Managing Director

At the age of 16 I decided I wanted to run my own business, and have spent the next 37 years trying to gain the skills required to do it! Initially working in marketing and development for Blue Chip companies such as Marks & Spencer, Mars and Bupa, then starting up a couple of companies before launching Dental Design in 2000.

I love the business and my role in it, mainly because it’s forever changing and developing! The internet is never static and we have to constantly learn and adapt, nothing ever stays still (our role is a bit like ‘herding cats’!), for example when we started Dental Design, Google was hardly known outside of the ‘geek circles’, now look at them, makes me feel like we ‘could have done better’!

Outside of work, my life tends to revolve around the beach and water based activities ie paddle boarding, windsurfing etc, or, running my 10 year old daughter from one party to another! Partying for me is a long distant memory!