Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

9th March 2018 | Leigh Brown | marketing

Every few years your website may need a necessary overhaul to refresh its look to keep your practice enticing for patients. However, redesign projects are a lot more complicated than simply changing the look of the website; if your site performs well in search results for a range of keywords you will want to hold onto those rankings when your new site is launched. Below are a few key areas to consider when redesigning your website:

1. Content

Are you considering changing the content on your website? If so, you might want to audit your existing website and record its current rankings for the keywords you are targeting as it is possible that the existing page’s content is benefiting its search results.

2. Architecture

Will the layout of the website change and will this affect the URL structure?

Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the website’s architecture in a redesign to help the user experience and make other pages you want to be seen more visibility. But, amending the architecture of the website can potentially affect the SEO of your webpages.

Some high performing pages might be benefitting from being shown directly in the navigation or being within only one URL directory i.e. as these pages in this format are viewed by Google as having more importance. In addition, the homepage of the website will be receiving links from many external websites, this link juice will be flowing to all the pages that the homepage is internally linked to helping these pages’ SEO. By changing the architecture of the website you might be increasing the distance between these pages and the homepage and potentially dilute the effect the link juice has on these internal pages.

3. Page Titles and Meta data

Before replacing your existing website with your new website design it is essential that a website crawl is carried out so that the current title tags are recorded allowing you to replicate them on the new site.

4. Redirects

As mentioned above, if you are changing the site’s architecture you will need to redirect the old URLs to the new URLs. Google will still have the old URLs indexed in their search engine and if they are not redirected to the new URLs then users will experience a lot of 404 page not found errors on your website, which may therefore lead to an increase in your site’s bounce rate.

Redirects are also necessary to pass across any link juice from the old URLs to the new URLs.

If you have been considering redesigning your website recently, please feel free to give Dental Design a call (01202 677277) and one of the development team will be able to discuss the options available.

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