Tips for Writing Google Ads

Rosie Littlejohns 4th January 2018

You’ve set up your campaigns, built your campaigns and keyword lists, and have a great landing page ready to go. All that is left is creating the perfect advert!

The advert is the first thing potential customers will see on Google when searching related keywords. The text needs to be clear, engaging and well thought out to grab the attention of searchers in order to get that all-important click.  Here are some tips for writing successful adverts for Google AdWords:

  • Display Uniqueness

Does your practice boast excellent receptionists? Are your dentists experienced with nervous patients? Or maybe you’re a Specialist practice? Having a clear idea of what makes your practice stand out, will help when writing ads. Take the opportunity to tell potential patients about what makes you unique and competitive. This will grab their attention and persuade them to click through to your website, over your competitors.

  • Give Clear Instructions

Use ads to tell your potential patients what they should be doing and what the next steps are. This encourages viewers to move along to the next stage of purchase. For example, when using AdWords to gain enquiries, be sure to include a clear call to action such as ‘call today’ or ‘book a consultation’ within the ad text.

  • Include Keywords

Google ads are based on keyword searches. When someone searches ‘Dentist in Poole’, and you are bidding on that phrase, your advert has the potential to be shown. Therefore, it is a good idea to include these keywords in the text of the ad. This tells searchers that this advert is the answer for what they are looking for, helping to direct the most relevant traffic to click on your advert and move through to the landing page.

  • Testing

Write multiple adverts and monitor which are the most successful. Using multiple adverts allows testing of the different components to see what works best for your target audience. There are many aspects of Google ads you can test, so it is best to experiment with just one part to start with. For example, try testing the Headline text of 3 adverts, keeping everything else the same. Once you know the headline that works, you can keep that and start testing another part of the advert.

  • Landing Pages

Make sure that the text in your advert reflects the content of the landing page. The text should summarise the information on the landing page – never include statements or information that can’t be found once a potential patient moves through, they will quickly move away from the site if they can’t find what the advert promised.

  • Include Special Offers

Promote any special offers or discounts through the text on your ad. When users are searching on Google, they are often looking to make quick, in the moment decisions. By including any current promotions you can entice clicks and conversions from potential patients.


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