How to build an engaged email list


Email marketing gives you the capacity to deliver your messaging straight to the inboxes of your potential patients. Email marketing only works however if subscribers want to receive emails from your practice. Reaching the right audience with the right message at the right time has become critical for driving results. It all begins with your audience and growing an engaged one is crucial to your success.

Email has also been overused and consumers have become warier of spammy messages. You therefore need to ensure your email messages are highly relevant and add value to your patients.

1. Include an opt-in button
Your website needs to have a visible, easy way for patients to subscribe as people can’t be on your list if they can’t join your list. Ensure every subscriber on your email list is acquired through opt-in.

2. Use sign up forms
You can set it up once, place it on specific pages of your website and it becomes a vital way to acquire new subscribers.

3. Collect the right data from the start
Keep your sign up forms short and only collect information you need.

4. Email list Health
To ensure your email list is healthy, keep an eye on your engagement metrics such as open, click-to-open and conversion rates. Get rid of the inactive contacts in your list every six to 12 months.

5. Provide valuable content
The best way to engage with your email list is to give them value. Create valuable content on a regular basis and post it on your website’s blog. A balance of valuable content (email newsletters, blogs etc) and offers are key to success.

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