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By Mark Newbury on 30th November 2017

Chloe’s Story:

Before twins Chloe and Eloise were born, they shared the same birth sac and both nearly died. They survived the birth, but Chloe suffered extensive brain damage and physical disabilities.

The brain damage she suffered means Chloe is now at constant risk of seizures. For months her mum Rachel cared for the twins alone. She dared not leave them with anyone so she hardly left the house.

“My husband Chris and I only got five congratulations cards for the twins. People didn’t know what to say, others avoided me altogether. There were no toddler groups, no tea and cakes nor the chance to meet other mums before Julia’s House stepped in. Julia’s House is a place of friendly faces where no-one judges you, no-one asks awkward questions and no-one is scrutinising you. It’s a warm and welcoming place – it’s my lifeline.”

Chloe now has Julia’s House care at her home or in the hospice every week. She has an expert playmaker and sensory play sessions to help her development.

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