Tracking Conversions From Facebook Ads


If you are looking to start Facebook ads and want to track how they are performing, tracking the number of conversions they are generating is likely your most important metric.

Facebook have been enabling advertisers to track conversions from their ads for years. However, they have been working on improving the way they track an ad’s performance….introducing the new Facebook pixel!

The pixel tracks website visits and can be set up to track different types of conversions e.g. viewing a certain page, submitting a form etc.

So how do you go about setting the pixel up?

Step 1 – Create the pixel

Go to the Facebook Ad Manager > tools > pixels, and follow the simple steps.

Step 2 – Configure the Pixel

Go to “Actions” and then “View Pixel Code”.

You will then see the tracking code itself and a range of options below that can be used to track specific actions on your website. The most important event you will likely want to track is “Lead” (the number of contact forms submitted). Just click on the event from the list and this should automatically update the Pixel Code.

Step 3 – Installing the Pixel Code on your website

If we are running the Facebook ads for you, and have access to your website, we will add the code to your website.

If you are running the ads yourself you will need to supply the code to us and we can install it in the <head> and </head> tags for you.

Step 4 – Connect your conversions to Ad sets in the Ad manager

Step 5 – Measure the results


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