Twitter Announces Ad Retargeting

Twitter Announces Ad Retargeting
12th December 2013 | | Social Media

Twitter hastwitter cookies offered advertising in the UK for a few months now; it is only until recently that it has allowed smaller businesses to use their advertising platform.

Twitter has subsequently announced that they are beginning to offer retargeted ads to help improve click through rates of  promoted tweets. It has been reported that click through rates for retargeted ads could increase by up to 195%!

So first of all, what is ad retargeting?

Retargeting serves adverts to users after they have left a website and are more likely to buy if they are reminded of the product. The system uses cookies to collect data on which websites you have been visiting and will serve you adverts based on that browsing history.

Usually, using various display networks in this way works out cheaper than traditional pay per click on search networks; despite the fact that users are more likely to buy, as they have already been exposed to the brand/ product before. Therefore your return on investment tends to be higher on retargeted campaigns.

You can even take this a step further as some networks allow personalised retargeting, which allows the advertiser to display banners ‘on the fly’ based on individual preferences, which will show the exact product the user was previously looking at, rather than a generic banner.

So how would this work on twitter?

Mobile browsing history cannot be collected using cookies, as with desktops. This is because many operating systems, mainly apple based, will not allow it. However, as twitter is both a desktop and mobile medium, if you are signed in on desktop and/or your mobile and tablet, twitter can collect your data from your browsing history on your desktop and then serve promoted tweets to your mobile devices based on this data.

Whilst this may sound fairly complicated, it all works seamlessly to provide your audience with far more targeted ads, which provide a higher conversion rate, as users were already interested in your services in the first place and are therefore ‘low hanging fruit’.

You do have the option to opt out of this tracking if you wish, using the settings in your twitter profile.

If you would like further information regarding social media and how it could work for your dental practice, give Dental Design a call on 01202 677 277.

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