Three Important SEO Features To Prioritise In 2019

Harry Hawkins 2nd January 2019

There are many important SEO features that should be conducted on any website attempting to rank highly on Google. Namely, link building, mobile responsiveness, user experience and more. Moving forwards into 2019 though, there are a few things that are becoming more important than ever to get right. These are:


As we’ve learned with the Medic update having simple but effective content on websites is really pivotal to enable sites to rank highly. This is because bad information on a health website can lead to detrimental outcomes, and Google doesn’t want to show this. It only wants to show accurate and useful information. In addition to this, voice search is becoming more prominent, so it’s becoming increasingly important to write content as if it were being spoken to sound as natural as possible when being read out loud by smart speakers.

Mark-Up Language 

Using Schema Mark-Up to help search engines understand content more clearly is becoming more and more important too. With the growth of voice search, Mark-Up Languages are helping robots understand web content which allows you to be found more for voice searches.

Website Speed 

As more and more companies begin to embrace digital marketing they conduct many ways to optimise their websites to load faster. This means that the standard for fast loading websites will become faster and faster, especially as servers and internets speeds are being constantly upgraded. Currently, the average is 3 seconds, so if you’re loading above that, this will need looking at.


Why haven’t I mentioned link building? 

Link building is always important in your SEO. The reason I haven’t mentioned it as an important feature to prioritise in 2019 is that it should always be a priority. Until further notice, link building is just as important in 2019 as it was in 2018, 2017, 2016 and so on.



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