Why you should use a PPC Company.

Harry Hawkins 9th October 2017

Many people starting their first ever PPC campaign make a very similar mistake. Many believe if you set up a PPC campaign and set a high enough budget you will start bringing in conversions. They may even think “if I double my budget, I will double my conversions”. None of this is, strictly speaking, true. There are many different factors to a successful PPC campaign, and one general rule of thumb is to ensure that every factor has been looked at, adjusted and optimised. This means keyword research, competitor research, setting the right bid amounts, testing, adjusting bid amounts, getting the correct bid strategy, high-quality score, a landing page with good UX and much more.

It seems a bit overwhelming at first, doesn’t it? Fortunately, companies like us are not only well trained and experienced in PPC, but also Google accredited too! As mentioned earlier, it is not a case of throwing money at a campaign and therefore seeing more conversions, rarely, it can be true, but if you end up having to spend £300 for a conversion that’s only worth £200, you’ll find yourself out of pocket; and if you don’t know how much your conversions are worth, then that would indicate you should either learn, or let a PPC company handle things.

I feel the money would be better spent on my PPC Campaign

and I can see why you would think that. After all, £100-£400 per month can go a long way on a PPC campaign. But let me put this into a simple mathmatical equation:


(PPC Budget) £500pm + (Money you would have spent on a PPC Company) £250pm = £750pm

£750pm + Not knowing what you’re doing = £500 – £900 per month.

One hell of a risk for a £150 per month.

Now let’s take a look at this equation:



(PPC Budget) £500 + (PPC Company Fee) £250 = £750pm


£500 + A smart PPC manager = £750 – £1500pm



For the record, these equations were just an example, but the principle is still there! We would recommend a PPC management company, because the money you pay them as a fee, should secure a nice return on investment. Although, make sure you refer to our other blog talking about answering the question, Should you use a PPC company? – this blog should set expectations on why you may not see a return on investment immediately.


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