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28th March 2019 | Leigh Brown | Web design

All web design projects start with the intention of being as organised and problem-free as possible, but as tweaks and design changes occur certain elements of the design process can be forgotten if a detailed checklist is not used.

Luckily for clients who choose Dental Design for their web design project, we have put together a detailed checklist to ensure your design is as problem-free as possible.

Below are some of the things we check:

Website Security

We have developed a special security procedure for our websites to make sure they are launched with the best defence against online threats.

This involves moving important files so they are out of reach for hackers and using a combination of security plugins to prevent attacks from occurring.

Anti-Spam Protection

One of the most annoying aspects of having a website is spam. We install anti-spam protection on the websites we design to help prevent spam from occurring in the comments of your blogs.

Google Analytics

What’s the point in having a fantastic looking website if you don’t know how it performs?

We make sure that from the moment your new website is launched we are tracking its performance by installing Google Analytics on every page of the website.


All our sites are built with search engine optimisation and user experience in mind. We make sure that the URL structure used on the website makes sense to both users and search engines.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates are very important nowadays and if your website is not using one, Google may flag pages with contact forms as insecure to your visitors, which will negatively affect your website’s performance.

We have recognised the importance of SSL certificates which is why all websites launched and hosted on our hosting platform benefit from SSL certificates.

Check for Broken Links

We know that many aspects of your dental website will change in the design process. These changes may mean that internal links on your website may need to be changed to prevent these links from being broken and negatively affecting the user experience of your website.

We run scans on your website to discover any broken links and work to correct these before launch.

Cross Browser Compatibility

We understand that various browsers may render certain elements of your website differently.

We look at your website in different browsers to discover any issues that need to be corrected.

Test the Website’s Mobile Friendliness

With most users viewing websites on their mobile devices, we make the effort to ensure that these users have the best experience on these devices.

Website Performance

There are several performance optimisation procedures we carry out before your website is launched.

One of these involves the optimisation of the images used on the website.

There is no doubt that the use of the right images on your website will make your dental practice more attractive than your competitors. However, images can also slow the loading of your website – but only if they are not compressed first!

We have several methods to decrease the size of your images whilst retaining image quality.

If you are in the market for a new dental website and would like to know more about what we can produce for you, please feel free to give Dental Design a call on 01202 677277.

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