What the Mobile-First Indexing Update means

Harry Hawkins 17th December 2018

Over 50% of user’s search on Google using their mobile so it makes sense that Google now rank a website based upon its mobile content and performance. Because of this shift, there are a few things that have become more important than ever when it comes to your website optimisation.

  1. Website Speed – Typically, mobiles have lower internet speeds than desktops. Therefore it is imperative that for a website to load fast you optimise its loading speed. This is also combined with the fact that most users lose interest in a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  2. Website weight – By weight, I am referring to the ‘size’ of a website. Now I don’t mean it’s ‘physical’ size on the screen. I mean the size of the webpage file that the mobile will have to download in order to make the page appear. A higher website weight usually results in a higher load time, which I touched on in the previous point. The other downside of a high webpage weight is the fact that mobile networks tend to limit a mobile’s internet data usage. For example’s sake, if a webpage was 2mb in size, and you have 1gb of monthly data allowance. You’d theoretically only be able to refresh that page 500 times before you run out of internet allowance for the month (There are other factors that change this – but just for example’s sake).
  3. Responsiveness – A responsive website is when the website page and content adapts to the screen size viewing it, this can involve removing or rearranging content to fit smaller screens. This is important for usability as if a mobile requires the user to pinch to zoom in on a link to make it more clickable, then this is bad user experience. In this case, it’s important to ensure that as the content shrinks the clickable elements remain a clickable size. Google is equipped to work out whether a website is responsive or not and has actively explained that it will prefer a responsive site to a non-responsive site when figuring out where to rank it on the SERP’s.


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