What’s next after ranking 1 on Google?

27th April 2018 | | Blog

So you’ve done it! You reached the top spot on Google, it’s bringing in some steady enquiries that made the time and effort worth it but you’re not a millionaire yet? Why?

SEO doesn’t stop there, you’re ranking first for all of the main dentistry terms, bringing in 1000+ website visits a month but your enquiries have only gone up a little. What should you do?

Continue plugging away at your SEO, you don’t want to find one day that your competitors have overtaken you for the top spot because you felt you could give it a rest as you were first. You may find it surprising to learn that there are also more search terms out there that you’re not currently ranking for! When people want to know the difference between home teeth whitening and surgery teeth whitening, do you appear for those terms? No? Well, do you have a blog up about it? No? Well, you better start blogging! And don’t stop there, there’s still plenty of other things people are looking for that you could be ranking for, not just in your local area, but nationally! Next would be, how do you make these convert?

This is where your UX design would come in. You’re pumping more and more visitors to your site, from either ranking in your local area, or becoming the go-to website for all dental research articles; but who will take out a dental implant from a practice that’s 80 miles away? With great UX on your site, advertising a sweet deal and highlighting the additional quality and value over competitors in the viewer’s local area, you’d be surprised. Did you know that in 2016 the number of people in the UK taking out cosmetic surgery dropped by 40%? The leading hypothesis was that they were going abroad! So, yeah, travelling 80 miles to get a great priced and a great quality dental implant isn’t too much of an ask! All from a simple ‘What is the dental implant procedure?’ Google search.

A better UX design won’t just benefit your blog search terms, an overhaul of the entire site may push extra conversions per month! Did you know that a good bespoke landing page for a PPC advert converts at about 4% higher than an ad pointing to a site’s homepage (which converts around 1%). In dental terms, if you’re ranking top of Google bringing in 1000+  website visits per month, this could be an increase of 40 enquiries, talk about a quick ROI!?

Of course, I can’t talk about SEO and blog benefits without going into in search engine marketing as a whole (Basically, SEO + PPC = SEM). Once you have a well-ranking blog, on-point local SEO and great UX, PPC can be an extra push to funnel more viewers onto your website. Focus on targetting ‘not quite’ local area’s that you’re not currently organically ranking for (and quite possibly never will, based on Google prioritising practices in the searcher’s immediate location), this will allow you to target your competitor’s audience and convert them into new patients!

Improved UX, combined with an ever-expanding search engine presence is how you don’t set limits on your website’s potential to convert visits, into cash!

P.S. if you want the sort of website I’m talking about, take a look at the gold package we offer.





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