We’re continually bombarded with new jargon and phrases relating to the internet. The term ‘bounce rate’ has been around for a while but here’s a quick explanation for those that aren’t sure….

Google Analytics provides a treasure chest of information on how your visitors interact with your website. One factor is ‘bounce rate’ which is the percentage of visitors who visit your site and ‘bounce’ away to a different site rather than continue to other pages. If you have a landing page that soley directs the visitor through to a page with navigation links and you find that the bounce rate is high, you can be assured you are losing potential business. On the other hand if visitors are landing on a page with comprehensive information, prices, contact details etc and then ‘bounce’, you could assume that they have been provided with enough information to proceed to making contact. Bounce rate accompanied by a little common sense is a very valuable source for making decisions about making changes to your website.    

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