Why Dental Implant PPC Campaigns Work Best

20th December 2018 | Harry Hawkins | Uncategorised

Out of all the PPC Campaigns I’ve ever ran, Dental Implants has to be the best performing. Here are the reasons why I think why:

Dental Implants have large margins

Whenever a Dental Implant enquiry turns into a paying patient you get a huge return on investment due to such large margins. This means the PPC management fee, advertising costs as well as the overheads are usually all more than covered.

You can target a larger area

For a good Dental Implant patients are willing to travel. I’d personally rather travel further if it meant that I’d receive a good quality, well fitted dental implant. With this in mind, it means that you can target a larger area around your practice, resulting in more traffic.

You can leverage branding to increase margins

Tailoring your landing page or general website to show competence in Dental Implant fittings can allow you to charge more. Just like when I mentioned that patients will be willing to travel for a good quality, well fitted implant, they’ll also be willing to pay more. This is why having a professional looking website and landing page is so important to maximise your profits.

The before and after’s look amazing

If you take users to a landing page with no before and after’s of your Dental Implant work, then you’re doing it wrong. Dental Implants can fully transform the way a mouth looks to the point where it can be almost unrecognisable. This is usually a great converter to turn a visitor into an enquiry.

It’s easy to show off the benefits

It’s easy to display the benefits of Dental Implants because there’s so many. To fill the page with content about Dental Implants is relatively easy when the list of benefits of them goes on and on. This is another reason why Dental Implants have such a great conversion rate.

Trends in converting traffic are quite apparent

Having worked with many Dental Implant campaigns most of them have a similar trend with ‘pricing’ search terms. It turns out that if a user is looking for dental implant pricing, they’re more likely to make an enquiry. This makes sense as usually whenever somebody is thinking about pricing they have a buyers mentality.

Finance offers

Because Implants can be quite expensive, ranging in the thousands of pounds (and sometimes tens of thousands), seeing finance options for them is quite common. This is really useful as more often then not a potential patients objections will be based around the pricing. Having an option to pay monthly can be a great selling point, especially against a competitor with no finance options.



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