The White Bridge Clinic

Starting from scratch with a new practice

An existing client, Diamond House Dental Practice, chose to expand their business through buying a new building. The new Squat Practice, the White Bridge Clinic, needed a new brand that would begin to shape the direction of the interiors, website, marketing, uniforms and overall feel.


Website design
Graphic design


  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Photoshop

Release date

January 2018

1The Website

We wanted to design something different, a little more dynamic than a traditional dental practice site. The website mirrors the look and feel inside the practice. We opted for more trendy imagery and geometric design. It also needed to be responsive and informative, especially about their high end treatments.

2The Marketing

Every new brand has the challenge of speaking to a new customer base. We took control of the marketing, both through the website and social media.

The PPC focused on attracting new patients to their implant and Invisalign services. We used landing pages to engage patients arriving through Facebook, appealing to them through dedicated campaigns.

of traffic through organic search
target Invisalign and implant PPC enquires in under 3 months
top position keyword searches
3The brochure

Being consistent across every branded piece says a lot about a dental practice. Following from the website, we became the brand guardians. From the business cards to the brochure, we designed and developed the brand to function across all media. White Bridge wanted something tangible to give to potential patients, something that gave them the information they needed in a well-finished piece of print.

4The collateral

For their branding, they wanted it to be clean and professional yet friendly, flexible and futureproof. On top of the look and feel, we crafted an individual typography and colour scheme.

Ranking high on Google

With a site that’s fully search engine optimised, White Bridge appear as the top result patients search for location and treatments – such as ‘Invisalign Woodstock’. That means more people find the site through an organic search.